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The Perfect Storm: The Story of the Andrea Gail

The Perfect Storm


On October 30, 1991 a storm hit Cape Ann sinking fishing boats out at sea and causing massive destruction along the coast. One boat lost at sea during the storm was the Andrea Gail, a swordfish boat out of Gloucester with six hands on board. The story of this storm and this boat is told in a book by Sebastian Junger called "The Perfect Storm". In 2000 this tale was made into a movie staring George Clooney.

Storm Blindsides Cape Ann
No Safe Place
A Missing Ship
The Search for the Andrea Gail
The Storms Aftermath
Lost Fishermen Immortalized in Bronze
The Perfect Storm: The Book
Storm Inspired Author
The Author Visits
Perfect Storm Author Tells His Tale
7th Grade Research
The Movie
The Perfect Extras
The Perfect Storm Filming
Making Magic
Perfect Storm Crew Takes Over Harbor Coop
Local Tenor Sings with Choir In Perfect Storm
Crew Erects New Nest
Movie Company Finds Adventure in City
Getting in Perfect Shape for the Perfect Storm
Perfect Storm Crew Lands
Perfect Storm Negotiations Getting Nowhare
Union, Movie Makes at Odds Over Storm