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The Perfect Storm: The Story of the Andrea Gail

June 3, 2008

The Movie

The Perfect Storm will become a movie soon next year. It is being directed by Wolfgang Petersen, a popular director who recently directed some other great films including Air Force One.

The cast is made up of some great actors including George Clooney as Billy Tyne, the Captain of the Andrea Gail, Mark Wahlberg as Bobby Shatford, the man from Gloucester who is a regular on the boat and is focused on a lot by Sebastian Junger in the beginning of the story, Diane Lane as Chris Cottor, Bobby's wife, and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonito as Linda Greenlaw, the Captain of another fishing boat that was out in the storm, the Hannah Boden.

The Crow's Nest (the bar that the fishermen gather at in the book) is really only about half a mile away from the set, but they built a new one for the movie.

Warner Bros. recently donated $25,000 during a press conference with all of the actors to The Perfect Storm Foundation to show their support for the real fishermen of Gloucester.

It was shot in Gloucester up until Sepember 3rd when the production moved back to L.A. It is expected to be ready by June 2000.

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The Perfect Storm: The Story of the Andrea Gail