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The Perfect Storm: The Story of the Andrea Gail

June 5, 2008

Perfect Storm: Memorial

Lost Fishermen Immortalized In Bronze

In memory of the fishermen of Gloucester who have gone to sea in pursuit of their livelihood, the Fishermen's Memorial Committee will dedicate this summer ten bronze plaques, to be placed in front of the Gloucester Fishermen's Statue. The monument will have names of fishermen who set sail from Gloucester and never returned home.

More than a tribute to an industry and the lives of its men and women, the monument will fill a special need for commercial fishing families. In many instances, those who are lost at sea simply vanish, leaving their loved ones without a word or a trace. The construction of this monument will provide for their memory a residence, a site for family and friends to visit, to reflect and to heal.

Names of lost fishermen have been researched by a team of dedicated archivists and historians to make the memorial as complete as possible. That committee now seeks the community's aid in finding any omissions or corrections. Please contact the committee by April 10 if you can provide documentation in its quest for accuracy.

The committee can be reached weekdays between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon in person at the City Hall Archives office. It can also be reached by mail at:

Fishermen's Memorial Committee, City Hall Archives, Dale Ave., Gloucester, MA 01930; or e-mail the Committee at

We also continue to seek donations to complete this project. Your tax-deductible donation can by sent to the Fishermen's Memorial Fund, c/o Cape Ann Savings Bank, 109 Main Street, Gloucester, MA 01930.

- Fisherman's Memorial Committee

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McKenzie, Simon McKie, James McLaughlin, Archie McNeil, Alvin Nickerson, Michael Nolan, Antone Norbury, William Parker, George C. Parsons, Henry Peterson, John Pitman, Thomas Power, Benjamin Powers, William Powers, Martin Quigley, John Rake, Henry Raymond, Harraden Reed, John Edward Reed, Charles Reville, Lemuel S. Rogers, William I. Rogers, Andrew Ryan, James Scanlan, Francisco Constana Scarpa, Edward Smith, James Smith, Samuel Steele, Dennis Sullivan, John Sullivan, Mark Sweeney, Charles Terry, Charles Thompson, William Thompson, Thomas Tobin, George Todd, John Todd Jr., William Troy, Eight Unknown, Taylor J. Valler, Peter Vaughn, Joseph Ward, James Welch, John Wolfe, 1871 Joshua Allen, Alonzo Alley, Charles Anderson, Charles Anderson, Charles Anson, William Atkins, Martin Bakeman, Aaron Baker, Joseph K. Balcim, Henry Beaton, John F. Bennet, Patrick Box, Charles Boyson, Mark Bray, Charles Brien, Ezekiel S. Call, Frank E. 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Moore, Patrick O'Brien, Henry Olsen, Timothy Ozier, Thomas Parsons, Reuben Pierce, George Robinson, William Safford, Thomas Sampson, George T. Sanford, James Scott, Peter Singer, Frank Smith, James Tarr, Two Unknown, Charles Wells, Jeffrey White, John White, Pierce Wotton, 1873 Anthony Amroe, Frank Anderson, Peter Anderson, Albert Barber, George Barrett, Archibald Beaton, John Berry, William V. Beverage, Thomas Blake, Joseph Boker, William Brooks, Charles Brown, Edward Burns, Moses Cahoon, William S. Callahan, Michael Carlton, Frederic Carman, Benjamin Carpenter, James Carsons, Robert Carter, Zimri Carter, Daniel Chisholm, Joseph Christen, William W. Colby, William Colwell, George Cook, Thomas Cook, John Crittenden, William H. Crittenden, Augustus Cromwell, Eugene M. Cromwell, Harvey Crowell, James Cushing, Charles O. Dale, Charles H. Day, Edward Day, Elias Day, William C. Day, Abraham S. Deering, Edward Deering, Oakley Dodge, R. A. 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McKennon, Angus McPhee, John McPhee, Charles McPherson, George Melvin, William H. Morey, Joseph Morris, Manuel T. Morris, Stephen Morrison, Patrick Murphy, Lewis Muse, Matthew A. Nickerson, William Norris, William O'Brien, Jesse Oliver, Thomas Olverson, Josiah Patch, Charles T. Patterson, Andy Paul, Charles F. Payne, Charles D. Perkins, Peter Peterson, Patrick Phalen, George W. Philips, Archie Rankin, William Reeves, Charles Reynolds, Matthew Rice, James Rien, Manuel Roberts, James Robinson, Manuel Rogers, Antone Rose, Continued on next page, 1873 Continued, Charles Rose, Frank Rose, Robert Rowe, John Russell, Patrick Ruxton, Stephen Ryan, Solomon Ryder Jr., Albert P. Seary, Frank M. Silva, Joseph Small, Simon Smith, William H. Smith, Edward Spinney, Henry Stebbins, Jonathan Taylor, Samuel Taylor, E. F. Terry, Lewis Thompson, Everett Tillson, Augustus Tobey Jr., William Tucker, Manuel Veader, Charles P. Verrill, Edward White, John Williams, Frederic Wilson, Thomas Wilson, William Wilson, James Yoe, Thomas Younger, 1874 David Anderson, Harvey Anderson, George Bettis, Joseph H. Bird, Michael Boudrou, George M. Bryant, John Carpenter , John Carroll, David Commiskey, John Coolin, Henry Crowell, John De Voh, Lewis Dickson, Thomas Downie, Benjamin A. Gray, George Gray, Benjamin Griffiths, Stewart Hadley, John Hanley, Mark Haskell, David Henderson, Walter Hopps, Josiah Howard, Charles Jackson, William Jackson, Charles Johnson, Samuel Johnson, Charles Keefe, Archibald Kennedy, William Landry, Charles Lenox, Patrick Lynch, Allen Malonson, Murdock Martell, Alexander McDonald, Charles McDonald, James McDonald, John McDonald, Michael McDonald, Rory J. McDonald, James McIntosh, Neil McKenzie, Neil McLane, Charles McPherson, ______ McRae, William Merchant, Thomas Monroe, Henry C. Murphy, James Murry, John Nelson, Robert Nelson, Asa R. Nickerson, Daniel Nickerson, Woodbury Nickerson, Henry Perry, ______ Peterson, Samuel Peterson, William Phalen, Frederick Roades, Alonzo Roberts, Hiram Sanderson, William H. T. Schilling, John Smith, Rufus Spinney, Gamaliel Swain, John Vickey, Matthew Walker, Luke White, Mark White, Thomas White, Thomas White, Harvey Whitman, 1875 August Anderson, Charles Anderson, Charles Anderson, Robert S. Baker, F. A. Beaton, Joseph Bouchy, Richard Bramble, Morris Bryant, James A Bushey, Alexander Campbell, Blanchard Campbell, Anthony Cash, Harrison T. Clark, Edward Collins, Edmund Coolin, William Coolin, Michael Curtiss, Alfred Daggett, John Dennen, Nichols Deveraux, John Donovan, David Dumphy, William Edwards, Samuel Erickson, Albert Faulk, Charles Fogg, William Freeman, A. W. Getner, Hugh Gilmore, Alexander Grant, James Grenebew, William Gullivan, C. Gunderson, Charles Gunnison, E. Hamlin, Angus Harrigan, L. H. Hawson, James Haynes, Pierce Howard, Charles Hynes, Hendrick Jensen, Andrew Johnson, James Johnson, M. Johnson, Peter Johnson, John Johnston, John Jones, Thomas Joy, Samuel A. Keene, John Kelley, Hugh Kennedy, Louis LeBaile, John Lewis, Frederick Lindsey, Martin Madison, John Maguire, Patrick Manning, James Marr, John Marshall, Joel McCaleb, Edward McCarty, Archibald McDonald, Daniel McDonald, James McDonald, John McDonald, Neil McDonald, Rory McDonald, Daniel McFadden, Duncan McIntire, Pius McIntire, John McKay, James McKenzie, K. J. McKenzie, Allen McKinnon, Samuel McLane, Charles McLean, James McLean, Lauchlin McLean, Norman McLean, Daniel McLeod, Daniel A. McLeod, Norman McLeod, Allen McMullen, Colin McPhail, Pius McPhee, Frank McRae, Peter H. Miller, Joseph Morey, Henry Morine, Thomas Morrisey, Malcolm Morrison, Henry Mosier, Frank Nelson, Peter Olson, Henry O'Neil, Michael Pender, John Perow, Andrew Peterson, Christian Peterson, 1875 Continued, Frederick Peterson, J. Peterson, John Peterson, Martin Peterson, John J. Powers, Patrick Powers, Theodore Reed, William L. Reeves, Michael Shea, Charles F. Sinclair, Charles Smith, Frederick Smith, William H. Smith, Lee Howard Steele, Henry Steilo, Thomas Stevens, John W. Strahan, George W. Stuart, Charles Wilson, George F. Wilson, John Wilson, Oscar Wilson, David Wooster, 1876 B. W. Alby, George Allen, Andrew Anderson, Andrew M. Anderson, Angus Anderson, Charles Anderson, Charles Anderson, Charles J. Anderson, Frank M. Anderson, Charles L. Austin, Alexander Babbin, John Barry, Henry Beck, John Beck, Louis Beck, Edward Berry, Alexander Boyd, John Brant, James Brown, Joseph Brown, Daniel Brynnelson, Solomon Burchell, Thomas Burke, Patrick Bustud, Alpheus Campbell, John Campbell, George Carpenter, John D. Carter, N. T. Chatto, John Cody, John P. Colby, Seth E. Colby, Peter Collins, George Connors, Charles Cook, Henry Cook, David S. Corson, Patrick Costello, Freeman Crawford, George Crittenden, Daniel Curtis, Thomas Davidson, John Davis, Felix DeCost, William Diggers, Edward Dodge, Patrick Dorsey, Patrick Dugan, Frank Dunn, Chester W. Dunton, Joseph Enos, Charles H. Fisher, Charles Forbes, John Francis, Barney Frazier, Charles Frazier, Joseph Fritz, Joseph Fritz Jr., George W. Fyle, Daniel Gardner, Joseph Gardner, Neil Gillis, John Ginevan, Herbert Gorman, Joseph Gosby, Franklin Greenleaf, Joseph Grey, John Haffey, Edward Haines, John Haines, Charles Haley, Andrew Hanson, Thomas Hany, John Haskins, George L. Hendrickson, Frank Hepson, Edward Herring, John Hiltz, James Horton, James Jeffery, Bernard Jewett, John M. Johnson, B. D. Joyce, Michael Keefe, Thomas Kennedy, James Keyes, Charles King, John Kirby, Jerry Landry, Simon Landry, William Laney, F. E. Lewis Jr., Woodbury Lewis, John Lundergan, Dennis Lyon, Robert N. MacKay, William Mackay, Henry Maddox, Edward Maguire, Lewis D. Martin, John McAuley, Alexander McCloud, John McCloud, Murdoch McCloud, Angus McDonald, Smith McDonald, John McFadden, John McFarland, Angus McKay, John McKay, James S. McLease, John McMillan, John McMillen, William McNare, Daniel McNeil, James McQuillan, George Melroy, William Michaels, Robert Miles, Robert S. Miles, George Miller, Nelson Mitchel, es P. Mitchell, Michael Morgan, Edward Murphy, John Murphy, Alfred Myers, Arthur Nauss, Henry Nauss, Martin Nelson, William Norton, George H. Norwood, Percy H. Norwood, John O'Brien, William O'Brien, Charles Olsen, Oliver Olsen, Peter J. Olsen, William Olsen, Felix O'Neal, Arthur O'Neil, George Party, George Patience, Charles Pattie, Bennett Perry, James Peters, John Phalen, Franklin D. Pinkham, John W. Porter, Thomas Ready, Charles Reeves, Samuel P. Remick, Charles Richards, William Rogers, Emanuel Rose, Richard Rose, George F. Rowe, John Russell, Thomas Russell, William Sampson, Jerry Saunders, John E. Saunders, Joseph Sawyer, Barnard P. Scanlan, David Shearer, Alfred Short, James Sigworth, William Silvey, John G. Smith, Murdock Smith, Freeman Snow, William Snow, Edward Sperling, Samuel Spinney, Moses Stafford, Peter Stapleton, Stephen Stone, Charles Strimm, Albert Sulkey, William Sullivan, 1876 Continued, Nicholas Surriatt, Thomas Tarreo, Joseph Teddy, Alexander Thompson, Thomas Thompson, Samuel Thurber, Richard Tibbetts, John S. Tobie, Michael Trueby, Charles B. Turner, Edwin P. Turner, Samuel Tyng, Five Unknown, Paul Veno, Albert Walker, William B. Walker, Edward Walsh, S. Augustus Webb, _____ Wentzell, William Wentzell, Maurice Whalen, Caleb Wheaton, James Wheeler, George Williams, Walter S. Williams, Warren Williams, Louis Wilson, Andrew J. Woodman, Joseph Zink, 1877 Andrew Anderson, Alphonso Babson, William Burnham, James Campbell, Joseph Campbell, Edward Coles, John Daniels, Daniel M. Gray, John Holmes, James Howard, Matthew Huntwell, Adolph Jackson, Neil Johnson, John Kennedy, Robert King, Charles Kulvert, Thomas Lauray, Alexander Lyle, Edward Martyn, Daniel McDonald, Neil McPhee, Alexander McVarish, Lawrence McVarish, Randall McVarish, David S. Merchant, Walter H. Merchant, Henry Miller 2nd, George B. Mitchell, Albert Mizner, James Murphy, Hans Antone Olsen, Gorham Parsons, Lemuel Parsons, Howard Powers, Harry Richardson, Edward Spencer, Manuel Veada, John Willow, 1878 Judson W. Allen, David Atwater, Willis Bateman, H. A. Bearse, Samuel Bragg, Charles Burke, John W. Clark, William Cole, Philip Conley, Robert Dahlbury, John Dakin, Nelson M. Dean, Antoine S. Downs, Albert Eldridge, John Emmanuel, Emanuel Enos, Augustus Frazier, Joseph Gay, Allen Grant, Lemuel Hagan, Anthony Holthes, Thomas King, Thomas Kirby, James Landry, _____ LeVanzell, Augustus Long, John Longan, Joseph Martin, Allen McGinnis, Angus McKenzie, Angus McLean 3rd, Jesse McLoud, James McQuarrie, Sylvester Mitchell, Martin Murphy, Samuel K. Pearce, Augustus Peterson, John Peterson, Michael Phalen, William Post, Lawrence Powers, Andrew Robinson, John Rose, Charles Russell, Joseph Smith, Thomas Smith, William Tate, 1879 Merril H. Adams, Oscar W. Alden, Michael Allen, Charles Anderson, Christian Anderson, John Anderson, Martin Anderson, Martin Anderson, William Anderson, John Atwood, Antone Aveney, William H. Bartlett, John Batson, Neal Beaton, John Benson, Charles Berg, John Black, Bertram Blake, Roland D. Blodgett, Joseph Boone, John Boudrout, Albion Bowden, James Bowie, James M. Boynton, William Brown, Ariel P. Burnham, James Burns, Bolez Bushey, James Bushey, Lewis Caliste, James Calwell, Charles Campbell, Everett Campbell, Conrad Carleson, Richard Carroll, William Carter, Joseph Chisholm, Lorenzo Chute, William Chute, Charles Claherty, John Clancy, Jackson Clark, Alexander Cogill, Nicholas Colberg, Thomas Connell, John Coughlin, Charles Crawler, Andrew Crowell, Augustus Crowell, Fred Crowell, James Dagle, Thomas Davidson, Benjamin DeCoste, William Delroy, Phillippe Deveaux, Michael Donahue, John Drury, James F. Dunton, Reuben H. Ellis, Joseph Enos, Frank Ferris, William Fisher, Elias Fladen, Frank Flake, Patrick Foley, Charles Fox, William Frazier, Garrett Galvin, John Garvey, Charles Gill, Alexander Girrior, Edward Gordan, David B. Gorman, Joseph Goslin, John Gralvan, Samuel Grassy, John Graves, George Gray, Frederick Hall, Stephen Halley, Andrew Hanson, Charles Hanson, Neils Hanson, James Harding, John Harding, Arthur Harriman, Michael Hart, Zadock Hawkins, Philip Hennesy, Hugh Herman, William Higgins, Frederic Hill, David Hogan, Martin Hogan, John H. Hokansson, John H. Holmes, John A. Howard, Joseph Howland, George Hunson, Charles W. Hunt, Richard Hurley, Charles Ibey, John L. Ingersoll, Ralph Irving, Edward F. Jameson, Peter Jennison, Olof Jensen, John Jerriway, Andrew Johnson, Charles Johnson, Christian Johnson, Henry Johnson, John P. Johnson, Martin Johnson, David Jones, Fred Kenniston, Joseph King, Frederick J. Knowles, Edward Landry, George W. Lane, Joseph M. Lane, John Lawrence, Carl Leman, Benjamin Levange, Edward Levange, James Lockwood, William T. Long, Julius Magnuson, Peter Maison, George Major, George Matthews, Joseph McAskell, John McCloud, Malcom McCloud, Hugh McCormack, Allen McDonald, Andrew McDonald, Angus McDonald, Daniel McDonald, James McDonald, James McDonald, John McDonald, Neil McDonald, Robert McDonald, Ronald McDonald, William McDonald, Daniel McDougall, Archibald McEachern, John McGuire, Michael McInnis, Robert McInnis, Duncan McIsaac, John McIsaac, Michael McIsaac, Daniel McKay, John McKay, Alexander McKenzie, John McKinnon, Peter McKinnon, Daniel McLeod, Alexander McMaster, William McMaster, John McNair, George Mellon, William Merchant, August Mitchell, Lyman H. Morey, Daniel D. Morrison, David Morrison, Michael Muldoon, Charles Myers, Clarence Myers, Elkanah Nason , Adolph Nelson, Frank Nelson, William Nelson, Charles Netherwood, William Nickerson, John Nolan, Samuel Nordahl, Fitz E. Oakes, Allen C. O'Brien, Patrick O'Brien, Andrew Olsen, Charles S. Olsen, Christian Olsen, John Olsen, Axel Olssen, Michael O'Malley, Frank Oscar, George Perkins, A. W. Peterson, August Peterson, Paul Peterson, Peter Peterson, George Pooler, Theophilus V. Porter, James Powers, James Publicover, John H. Reynolds, Robert Reynolds, Seward Reynolds, Morris Riley, James Roberts, Joseph Rogers, George Ryan, John Ryan, Gordon Scott, Joseph Scott, Samuel Shano, William W. Shelton, Edward Sherman, John Sherman, Dennis Sholwing, Frank Silva, John Silva, John Smith, Joseph Smith, Manuel Smith, Joseph B. Spanks, George C. Stearns, John Steel, Roderick Steele, F. H. Stimpson, Martin Strahan, Patrick Sullivan, Andrew Swinson, John Tarr, Daniel Tatton, Paul Thebadeau, Ambrose Thebedo, Clifton Thompson, Lewis Thompson, Nicholas M. Thompson, Oliver Thompson, Samuel Thompson, David B. Tinker, James Tobin, John Tobin, Michael Tobin, Richard Tobin, Edward P. Townsend, Peter Trumbull, Five Unknown, Frank Veaneau, Philip Vibert, Edward Walton, Charles Watson, John Welch, Samuel West, Charles White, Frank White, James White, Joseph White, George Whitman, John J. Williams, Thomas Williams, William Willoughby, Charles Wilson, John Wilson, William C. Wilson, Oscar Wistar, George Yates, Cyrus Young, 1880 Augustus Anderson, James Anderson, Thomas Anderson, Charles Armstrong, Charles Bennett, Joseph Coffee, William Conery, George Crawford, Edward Day, Edward Downing, William Fardy, John Frazier, Joseph Garrett, William Geary, James Grant, Robert C. Grant, Patrick Harrington, Augustus Hendrickson, Charles Higgins, John Higgins, William Holland, Emery Hooper, Isaiah Horton, Charles Hubley, 1880 Continued, Joseph M. Hurst, William Isaac, _____ Jacobs, Stephen Johnson, John Landry, William Maloy, David McDonald, John McDonald, Matthew McDonald, Allen McGinnis, Dominick McIsaac, Hector McIsaac, Silas McLellan, John McMullen, Joseph Merchant, Patrick Neal, George Nelson, Lawrence Nelson, James Nickerson, Thomas Orne, John Peoples, John Raymond, David Roberts, Daniel Rowe 2nd, Charles E. Seeblon, Jerry Simmons, Frank Williams, Edward W. Wilson, John I. Wilson, 1881 Joseph Aveneau, Charles Baston, Charles Bell, C. A. Bergman, Henry Burke, John Burne, Jeffrey Bushey, Barney Cameron, Benjamin Campbell, Frank Chiveree, Henry Cushing, John F. Deveau, Louis Dulong, Robert Ehler, Charles H. Frost, Lewis L. Grant, John Guthrie, John C. Hanson, John Hayes, Edward Jedry, Coleman Jennings, Charles Johnson, John A. Johnson, Lauchlin Kennedy, George W. Kinch, Asahel Landry, Elias Landry, Peter Landry, Andrew Lercester, Archie McDonald, John McDonald, Alfred McKinnon, Laughlin McQuarrie, Alex. Mero, Horace Merry, Andrew Nelson, Edward Nickerson, Daniel O'Brien, Benjamin O'Hara, John W. Orfu, Andrew Peterson, John Proctor, Charles Richards, Richard Richardson, William Riley, John Ropper, Michael Sampson, George M. Sigsworth, Robert Swain, Eli Thibadeau, Neil Walker, John Weston, John White, Thomas Whitford, Hugh York, 1882 Joseph Barry, George H. Bearse, John Bentley, Edward Booth, James Brown, Joseph Burbank, Samuel Byers, John Callihan, Joseph A. Campbell, Peter Christian, Martin Conley, Martin Connolly, William H. Cook, William Corliss, Martin Costello, William Davidson, George Devine, Charles Dillon, Frank Dixon, James Dumphy, Patrick Duran, Thomas Eylward, Patrick Fanning, James Fitzgerald, John Forrestall, John Francis, Felix Gallant, Albert Gardner, Foster Gayton, Leander F. Gilpatrick, Edward A. Gilson, Amos Goodwin, Isaac H. Goodwin, Israel Goodwin, George Graves, Henry Graves, James Graves, Jeremiah Haley, Francis A. Harding, John Hayden, Samuel Hayes, Dennis Hessian, Daniel Hiltz, Michael Houghton, James Johnson, Fred Kemp, Patrick Kennedy, Michael King, Addison M. Larkin, George Larkin, Charles Lawson, Robert Lennox, John LeVenance, Warren Lewis, George Rudolph Liliadald, George Lily, J. W. Loader, Frank Long, Henry Lufkin, James Malone, William W. Marshall, James Martel, Alexander McCloud, Daniel McComiskey, Paul McDonald, James McGrath, Luke McGrath, Henry McLauchlin, James McNair, John McPherson, Martin Moran, Augustus Morine, Thomas J. Morris, James E. Mullen, John Murphy, Michael Naughton, Benjamin Naus, John B. Nelson, John Nolan, Herbert Norton, Michael Norton, Patrick Nye, John O'Hara, Andrew J. Olson, William Parsons, William Perrill, H. P. Peterson, Hugh Phalen, George Powers, John Publicover, Charles Rasmuson, Manuel Repozo, Albion Robinson, Keaton Roderick, Charles Runion, Bartholomew Ryan, John Ryan, Michael Savage, Peter Scanling, Fred Scott, Joseph Simmons, Martin Simmons, James Strahan, John Taylor, Martin Thomas, Michael Tohey, Fred Watts, John Welch, Roderick White, Robert Wilkinson, Thomas Wilson, Merrill Wright, Alfred Wyman, William Wyman, 1883 William Aldrich, Frederick Allendorf, Charles Alstrum, Ambrose Amero, Barnet Anderson, Peter Anderson, John Barnes, Louis Bateman, David Beals, B. A. Bergenson, H. Nicholas Blaney, Henry Bonner, Norman Boutlier, Andrew Bragdon, William Brennan, Robert Bridges, Michael Brien, John W. Briggs, Edward Brophy, A. M. Brown, Charles Brown, Charles E. Brown, John B. Brown, Martin Brown, Paul Brown, Charles H. Browne, Frederick C. Burnham, Robert W. Burridge, Edgar Cahoon, William H. Call, Archie Cameron, Morris Cash, James Chase, Duncan Chisholm, Frank Clemens, Michael Connelly, John Connors, William Connors, Edward Cotter, S. N. Crossman, John Curtis, Charles Dagle, Victor Dago, Winslow DeClamp, William DeCoste, Joseph Deering, Gilbert Deroach, Isaac DeRoach, Jeffrey Dorley, Richard Downer, James Driscoll, William Driscoll, Daniel Duffy, Anthony Dunn, Jeffrey Duong, David Ehler, Isaac Eisen, Patrick Fallan, Albert J. Ferguson, Patrick Fisk, Philip Fitzpatrick, Martin Flaherty, John Foley, Manuel Francis Foster, James Gallivan, Manuel Gier, Martin Gill, Charles Goodman, Albert Goodwin, Morris Goodwin, James Gorden, Michael Grinsell, Justin Guillot, Michael Hall, Antoine Hammond, John Handran, Matthew Handran, William Handran, Henry Harnish, Robert Harte, John J. Hayden, FrederickL. Higgins, R. W. Hill, Augustus Hiltz, John Innis, Justin Innis, Peter James, Joseph Jameson, Robert Jeffreys, Charles Johnson, J. W. Johnson, John Johnson, Olaf Johnson, Oliver Johnson, Peter Johnson, Augustus Joppson, James Keefe, Ivory Kelly, John Kelly, Valentine E. Kelly, William Kennedy, John Keough, John Keough, Henry King, Thomas King, Jerry Landry, Simon Landry, Abner Larrabee, Simon Latham, Joseph Lawrence, Christian Lawson, Peter Lawson, Benjamin Lee, John LeSueur, Philip J. LeSueur, Isaac Levache, Fred Longphy, James Maddocks, Fred Marchant, John G. Marston, Olivius Martinson, Edwin Maston, Angus McArthur, James McArthur, Alexander McAuley, Norman McCloud, George McCollum, Allen McDonald, Ansel McDonald, Archibald A.. McDonald, Dugald McDonald, Duncan McDonald, Fabian McDonald, John McDonald, John F. McDonald, Hugh McDonough, Alexander McEachern, Angus McEachern, Angus McEachern, Angus McEachern, Simon McEachern, John McGilvery, Michael McGinley, Michael McGuioh, Angus McIsaac, Paul McKennon, John McKinnon, Allen McLain, James McLain, John McLain, Joshua McLain, Allan McLane, James McLean, John McLean, John McLellan, Angus McLeod, Laughlin McLeod, Malcom McLeod, James McLoud, Joseph McMasters, Peter McPhee, John McQuery, John McRae, Daniel McRitchie, John McVarish, Franklin Mehlman, John B. Miller, Simon Miller, William Morrisey, Roderick L. Morrison, Edward Morse, Thomas Morse, Joseph Muese, Charles Munroe, James Murphy, Michael Murphy, Nicholas Murphy, Thomas Murphy, Charles W. Murray, Harry Nelson, Henry Paul Nelson, Lars Nelson, William Nelson, Samuel Newell, Frank Nickerson, James Nickerson, Robert Norris, Daniel Norwood, William Nutting, Edward O'Bryan, Peter Olsen, Patrick O'Neal, Edwin Adolph Parsons, William Parsons, A. L. Pendleton, Solomon Pendleton, Joseph Penny, Dominick Perry, Lars Peterson, Peter L. Peterson, James Phalen, Stanley Poole, Simon Porrier, John Powers, Manuel Powers, Charles Publicover, William Quick, Charles Ray, Michael Ready, Lawrence Reardon, Henry C. Reeves, Isaac N. Robinson, Louis F. Rogers, John Russell, Edward Ryan, James Ryan, John Ryan, Henry Sampson, Joseph Sampson, Peter Sampson, George Sandwich, Alexander Scanlan, Thomas Scanlan, William Seaboyer, James Sherman, Cyrus Shubley, James A. Shute, Enos Smith, Frederick Smith, Harry Smith, John Smith, Lawrence Smith, Morris Smith, Dennis Souier, GeorgeA. Steele, John H. Sullivan, Patrick Sullivan, Henry Surrette, Joseph Surrette, Joseph Swenson, Andrew Swinson, Richard Taylor, John Thebedore, Horace Tuck, Five Unknown, Thomas Upham, Nicholas Warren, Andrew Webber, Charles Webber, John Welch, Thomas Welch, Alexander White, Andrew White, Dennis White, Peter White, John Whitman, George Williams, William Williams, Peter Wilson, John Winters, Washington Wood, Jacob Woodbury, Edward Young, 1884 Henry Anderson, John Barrd, Henry Breong, Isaac Bridges, Alston T. Brown, Jeffrey Bushey, Randall Cameron, Thomas Carroll, Thomas Cody, John Conley, George Cook, John Dickson, Josiah Dixon, William Doyle, Dominick Duong, James Dutremarsh, Joseph Elliott, James Farnsworth, Thomas Fleming, Martin Foley, Edward Giddens, James Gilbert, Lorenzo Gustin, John Hanlan, John Hanson, Thomas Harris, Samuel Hayward, Michael Hennerbury, Thomas Hennessey, Henry Herrick, Andrew Jackson, John Jackson, Eleander Johnsen, Albion Johnson, Bryne Joyce, Patrick Joyce, John Lawson, William Levange, Henry Long, Arthur Marshall, Thomas Martin, _____ Maxner, Michael McCormack, Duncan McDonald, J. Seward McDonald, John McGilvery, Edward McKay, Duncan McMasters, John Moran, Angus Morrison, John Morrison, Edward Murphy, Benjamin Newell, Henry Newman, Edward Olsen, John Olsen, Oscar Olsen, Michael Paley, Louis Pezzard, Bennett Powers, Matthew C. Powers, James Reynolds, Robert Roberts, George R. Somers, Benjamin Steele, Roderick Steele, John Stinson, Alexander Swinson, Robert Wetherbee, George Wilson, Benjamin Woodwell, Sandy Zinc, 1885 Mark Amero, Nelson Anderson, William Arnold, Lewis B. Babine, Louis Barnes, John Bennett, Reney Bouche, Edward Butler, Arthur Campbell, James Campbell, John Carey, Angus Chisholm, John Christian, Alexander Clark, John Codley, Benjamin Colby, Michael Coleman, William Cook, William Cox, George Cummings, Michael Dean, Patrick Dower, Charles Edwards, Peter Frazier, Richard Gaul, William Grant, George Greenfield, John Handran, Thomas Higgins, Willam T. Hodge, John Lake, Charles Lawson, Andrew Liebeg, Nelson Liebeg, John Longan, James Mackie, Arthur Mailman, Joseph Martin, Emil Matheson, Alexander McDonald, D. S. McDonald, Daniel McDonald, Joseph McDonald, Joseph McDonald, Michael McDonald, Colin McFadden, Angus McGuinnis, John McIntire, Angus McKinnon, Daniel McKinnon, Michael McLean, Alexander McLeod, Daniel McMaster, Alexander Merchant, James Murphy, John P. Murphy, Jerry Muse, Oliver Nelson, Eben Nickerson, Elijah Nolan, Fabian Nolan, Matthias Nostrom, William O'Connor, Samuel Peoples, Jose Pereira, Beecher Perry, Edward Phelan, James Philbrick, Joseph Powers, William Roper, William C. Ruth, 1885 Continued, Frank Smith, Frederick O. Spinney, Stephen Steward, Edward Thorborne, Leverett Tinker, Two Unknown, Joseph Veator, Samuel White, John Young, 1886 John Anderson, Robert Bennett, Nicholas Brown, John Burns, Charles Burt, Joseph Bushing, Duncan Campbell, Axel Carlson, John Carlson, Phillip Carr, Alexander Carrigan, Joseph Christie, Harry Clark, John Cogan, Calvin Cook, Michael Costlin, Hugh Craig, William DeCoste, George A. Dixon, Charles Doty, John Doty, Lawrence Dumphey, George Dunbar, Joseph Enos, James Erickson, Carlton H. Feltmate, Barney Frazier, Henderick Fredericson, Edward Goodwin, Alexander Grant, Isaac Greene, Frank Greenough, William Hadley, Conrad Hanson, Charles Haskins, Andrew Haynes, John Heffernan, August Hendrickson, William Hunt, Herbert Jellows, Alexander Johnson, Antone Johnson, Augustus Johnson, Edward A. Johnson, N. P. Johnson, Thomas Johnston, John L. Keating, David Keefe, William Kelly, Peter Kiel, Isaac King, Harry Kirby, Simeon Landry, Thomas Landry, Franklin D. Langsford, Benjamin Larson, Charles Lee, James Lovett, Oscar Ludwick, Patrick Mackie, George Magee, Alexander Martin, Gabriel Martin, William Martin, Angus McDonald, Angus McDonald, James McDonald, John McDonald, Thomas McDonald, William McGeneran, James McKenzie, Hugh McKinnon, D. H. McMasters, John McQue, Patrick McQue, John McVarish, Robert Melanson, Joseph Monroe, Joseph Muise, Barney Naughton, Andrew Nelson, Christian Nelson, John Nelson, Nils Nelson, John Norneen, Joseph O'Brien, Matthew O'Brien, Roderick O'Henley, Hans Olsen, John Olsen, Antone Olson, Fred Olson, Hans Olson, Emel Paulson, John Peterson, William Powers, Charles Publicover, John Purcell, Michael Riordan, Timothy Robishaw, Thomas Ross, Charles Ryder, Brainard Scanlan, James Sherman, Levi W. Sparks, George Stone, William G. Strople, Charles Swinson, John Swinson, Thomas Thompson, James Toule, Lemuel W. Tucker, Alexander Tupper, Unknown, Daniel Vigneau, Louis Voight, John Walker, Charles J. Webber, Frank Whitney, William Williams, 1887 John J. Allen, Joshua Arey, Randall Beauhannan, John Bird, Isaac F. Blanchard, Joseph Boucher, William Buie, Edward Burke, Edward Burke, Philip Carr, John Colley, James Conrad, Benjamin Crittenden, C. P. Crondfeldt, Jeremiah Crowell, George H. Curtis, Thomas Daley, Bradford Deane, John A. DeCoste, Thomas DeCoste, Somes Dolliver, Joseph Doty, Charles Erickson, John Fosberg, John Fowler, George F. Frost, Maurice Frost, Fred Gustafson, Jeremiah Hadley, William Halston, Benjamin Hanson, Charles Hanson, Christian Hanson, John Hanson, George W. Hartford, Fred Hollinder, John Hopkins, Arthur Hughes, Michael Hurley, Portuguese Joe, John Keating, Andrew Lambert, Simon Landry, George W. Lord, William Magee, Peter Martinsen, John D. Matterson, Archie McAully, John McDonald, Neil McDonald, Michael McDougall, John McFadden, James McGraw, John McKay, John McKenzie, Archie McKinnon, Alexander McLoud, George McLoud, Murdock McNeil, Charles D. McPherson, William McPherson, Newton Meigs, Jacob Miller, Samuel Mitchell, John Monson, Charles Morrison, Charles Morrison, Daniel Morrison, Andrew Nelson, Emil Nelson, Benge Nilsson, John Noran, Phineas B. Norris, Francis O'Brien, Freeman Owen, Samuel Pierce, Patrick Pysche, Randall Pysche, George Rice, Jonathan Robertson, James Rossiter, Hugh Scott, Alexander Shaw, Allen Smith, Frank W. Smith, Fred Smith, Charles St. Just, Charles Story, Charles Swinson, Joseph Tierney, Robert Tory, Daniel Welsh, Rufus Wheeler, Cosmore White, Peter White, Thomas White, Harry Young, 1888 William Bird, John Borgeson, Harry Brown, Fred Bryant, Charles Burke, John D. Carr, Jonas L. Colby, John Currier, William Drew, James Elwood, Charles Fenton, John Fitzgerald, Thomas Foley, Roswell Ford, Geofrey Frazier, J. Frazier, Philip Frisure, John Gill, Emery Goodwin, John Goodwin, Alfred Gunderson, Martin Gunderson, Peter Hanson, Patrick Harney, John Harnish, Samuel M. Harnish, Lawrence Harteman, Frank S. Haskins, Michael Hines, Alexander Jameson, Thomas Jenkins, Andrew Johnson, Martin Johnson, Michael Kevany, Peter Landry, James Linehan, Joseph Maliss, Fred Martell, Joseph Martin, Archie McArthur, John McDonald, John McDonald, William Henry McDonald, Duncan McDougall, Daniel McKinnon, James McKiver, Alonzo McMaster, John McPhee, Howard Munroe, Robert Newman, Lawrence O'Brien, Maurice O'Connell, Patrick O'Connell, Edward Olsen, William O'Neil, Edward Peterson, David Pierce, Charles Pool, Charles Roule, Daniel Ryan, Simon Sampson, John Sanderson, Richard Sedward, Oscar Smith, Enoch Steward, Lincoln R. Stimpson, John Tibideau, Bernard Tobin, Mark Toole, Thomas Walen, Raymond White, John C. Wiley, Ambrose Wise, 1889 Warren Acorn, Andrew Anderson, Theophilus Babine, William Babineau, John Baptiste, John Batchelder, Edgar S. Brown, John Buffett, Alonzo Callahan, Peter A. Carlsen, John Colby, George M. Critchett, Benjamin Dickerson, George Evans, John Fayan, George D. Ford, John Forde, Thomas Hanson, Anthony Hines, Josiah Hopkins, Charles Hoyt, Patrick Jennings, John Johnson, Thomas Kennedy, Peter Landry, John Malone, Michael Malone, Alexander Malonson, Joseph McCallion, William McCarthy, Daniel McDonald, Daniel McMaster, James Moran, Stephen Morehouse, Andrew Munroe, Freeman Munroe, Alexander Nelson, Charles Newhall, Antone Martin Olson, John Peters, GoRman Peterson, Robert R. Rankin, Edward Roberts, J. Edward Saunders, Austin W. Schenck, Mark A. Shiers, Moses Smith, Thomas Smith, Martin St. John, Edward Stone, Wallace Surratt, Thomas Thompson, Archie Vicher, Samuel Vineau, Bartholomew Walen, John Watkins, James Wells, 1890 George Adams, John K. Baker, David Bly, Harry Brasser, John Brown, George Buffett, Ernest Buzell, Alonso Callahan, Alexander Cameron, Joseph Cameron, Moses Carrigan, Robert Cavanaugh, Charles Christenson, Andrew Clark, Charles Closson, John Colby, Alexander Daggett, Andrew Daley, Michael Deasy, Dennis Devine, Albert Deward, Cyril Doucette, Daniel Doucette, Antone Edwardson, Charles Edwardson, David Ernst, Ozro B. Fitch, Martin Foley, Abram Frazier, Henry Frazier, John M. Frederickson, Thomas Galvin, Abraham Gerroir, John Gilbert, Joseph Gilbert, John Gourville, Sylvester Hafey, Frank Hammond, William Hastings, Benjamin Hillensen, Joseph Hopkins, Nelson Houghton, John Hubbard, Benjamin Hubbley, 1890 Continued, Allen Hunson, William Hunt, Joseph W. Isaac, William Jackson, Alexander Johnson, Arthur Johnson, Charles Johnson, Edward Jordan, John Kelly, James Lahey, Stephen Landry, Sargent Lane, Frank Lawrence, Benjamin F. Lunt, Thomas Martin, Angus McDonald, John McDonald, John McDonald, John O. McDonald, Pius McDonald, Stephen P. McDonald, Albert McEachern, Angus McIsaac, Daniel McMasters, John McPhee, Frederick Morey, Alfred Morton, Ole Nelson, Maurice Newman, George Nickerson, George Nickerson, John Nowlan, Timothy O'Coonnell, Charles Olsen, Peter Paul, William Pearce, Alexander Peeples, Albert Pitts, Frank Poonell, William Porper, William Powers, Thomas Reese, Henry Rosmundson, Enos Scard, Manuel D. Silva, John Sonier, Robert Stagg, Emeil B. Stein, James Swanburg, Charles H. Swim, Thomas A. Taylor, W. S. Thurston, Thomas L. Wadsworth, James Welch, John Whalen, Raymond White, Jacob Whynot, 1891 George Baker, Edward Baldwin, Stein Benjaminson, Joseph Boston, Peter Christensen, William Clancy, John Connolly, Edward Daniels, August Dolquest, Warren B. Douglass, Bartholomew Downes, John English, Thomas Fogarty, Ambrose Frawsell, Nathan A. Fuller, Oscar A. Glade, Charles E. Goodwin, Daniel Goodwin, John Halley, Thomas Heaney, Samuel Hiltz, Peter Jensen, Augustus Johnson, John Johnson, Paul D. Jones, John Judge, Thomas Kippen, Fred Lindman, Maurice J. Longan, John F. Lynch, Alexander Lynn, Christian Magnusson, Walter Maley, Christopher Mathison, Rubert McComiskey, Daniel McDonald, Angus McEachran, Frank McGrath, Walter McGrath, William McGregor, William Mead, Charles Melvin, William Mills, Barnard Moore, Richard Murray, Oliver Ohlsen, Freeman Owen, Henry A. Palmer, Oliver Parsons, Frank Peddel, James Porter, Peter Purdy, Anthony Reynolds, James Reynolds, Edward Rouke, James Ryan, Charles Sandstrum, Samuel Simmons, Hiram Stanley, Charles Stinstream, William Sutherland, Richard Turner, Frank Tuttle, James Wallace, John Wells, Andus Westerberg, Charles F. Wetterer, James White, Benjamin F. Wiley, John Williams, 1892 Donald Amero, Alfred Anderson, Charles Austin, John Brown, Charles Bushnell, Freeman Butler, Martin Butler, James Carey, William J. Caroll, Thomas Corcoran, Jeremiah Crowel, William Delano, Joseph Devoe, William Doart, Philip Frazier, Orin Goodwin, William Goodwin, Marshall Gosbee, John Goss, Joseph Grady, Frank Hall, Joseph Hanlon, Thomas Hanniford, Edwin Hanson, Augustus Johnson, John Lawson, John McCann, Angus McDonald, Angus McDonald, Daniel McDonald, Thomas McDonald, Colen McKenzie, Arthur McLellan, Alexander McMasters, John McPhail, Dennis Murphy, George Nickerson, Angus O'Hanley, Samuel Oliver, John Patience, John Robishaw, Joseph Perry Rudigger, Peter Sambourine, Richard Schultz, Amos Simmons, Gustavus Sparrow, William Thomas Stewart, Uriah Surratt, John Sweeney, Asa Swim, William Welch , 1893 Charles Anderson, Oscar Andrews, Thomas Aspecker, John Asplund, Elias Barrigan, George Brown, Charles Bushong, John Butler, Angus Cameron, Nelson E. Cantello, Thomas Carey, Thomas Carter, William W. Clark, Charles Cole, Charles Dafvolm, Oscar Devine, Brewster Doane, William Doane, Charles Dolberg, Thomas Fewers, James Fitzpatrick, Henry Flood, Joseph Francis, Delbert Goodwin, Edgar Goodwin, Frank Gorman, William Gray, Edward Hanlan, Edward Hanlan, Patrick Hayden, Fred. S. Hellier, Isaac Herbert, Joshua Higgins, Leslie A. Hipson, Patrick Howlett, William Huskins, Charles Leary, Otto Lend, Charles W. Lennox, Frank Lufkin, John Manuel, Willie E. Martell, Andrew W. Matterson, Daniel McDonald, James McDougall, Murdock McInnis, Hugh McIsaac, Edward McKay, Joseph A. McKay, John McKenzie, Colin McVicker, Alfred Menduse, Michael Morrison, George Morrow, John Mouleson, George Nickerson, Nelson Nickerson, William Nickerson, Frederick Norton, Tynanden Olafner, Martin Olsen, Edward Peale, James Pellem, John Perry, Patrick Powers, Emedia Rose, Charles Ross, Charles D. Rush, Paul Salstrom, Alexander Sampson, Abraham Smith, Enoch Stewart, Thomas Stockelberg, James Tracy, Thomas Tracy, William Tracy, Joseph Trotul, Michael Tubberd, John VanAmburg, James Vineau, Arthur White, John S. White, Alexander Williams, John Williams, 1894 James A'Hern, John Anderson, Victor Anderson, John Beaton, Edward S. Bibber, Michael Boudrout, Paul Boudrout, Samuel Brennan, Abram Brow, Levi Buckley, Raymond Burke, Michael Burns, William H. Burns, Charles Butche, James Campbell, John Campbell, William Carr, Levi Carter, George Champayne, William Chisholm, John Clark, William Closson, John Colson, Thomas Cunningham, Benjamin Delantry, Leon DeLanz, Martin Devine, James Donovan, James Dooley, John Doyle, Albert Dujay, John Edren, John Enholm, Isaac Farmer, William Ferguson, Elias Frazier, Edward Frost, William Gibny, Simeon Gillis, John Grant, Charles W. Green, Joseph Gregory, Charles Hall, Peter Hammond, D. Atwood Harding, Jordan Harris, Frederic Harrison, Augustus Haskell, James Henley, Thomas Houlahan, John Jacobson, Faulk Jensen, Albert Johansen, Carl J. Johanson, Augustus Johnson, Harry G. King, Knute Kloster, John Knowles, Richard Laha, James A. Larez, Oliver Larsen, Edward Leach, James Lennon, Patrick Lundrigan, James Mansfield, John Martell, Angus McDonald, Philip McDonald, James McDougall, Allen McEachern, John McEachern, Joseph McEachren, Hugh McInnis, Daniel McIntire, Frank McIsaac, James McLean, Hugh McLeod, Malcomb McMasters, Gabriel McVarish, Isaac Merchant, John R. Meuse, Jesse Mitchell, Griman Morrison, Frank Mullowney, James Nelson, Thomas Norton, Edward O'Brien, Fred Olsen, Martin Olsen, Swening Olsen, Thomas Olsen, William Olsen, Dennis O'Quinn, Matthew Parks, George Percy, Frank Peterson, Dominique Pinell, Desire Emilie Porier, Cornelius Powers, Joseph Powers, Sandy Powler, Tracy Preston, John Reid, Lawrence Ring, Julian Rowe, Gustave Rydberg, Simon P. Sandberg, John Sharp, Patrick Shay, John A. Smart, David F. Smith, Edward Stevens, Alexander Stewart, Thomas Sullivan, Alexander Swim, Gabriel Tarramendi, Edward Taylor, William Thompson, John Thorsen, Albert Turner, Augustus Vickers, William Welch, George Wharton, 1895 Jeremiah Amero, William Anderson, Bellineau Arsino, Christopher Bartalson, Albert Barter, Ambrose Bennett, August Benson, John Alfred Benson, Augustus Berger, Otto Bloom, Daniel Bolles, John Bowman, Frank Brien, William Brown, James Bruce, Arthur Burns, Michael Cardigan, John Carey, John Carrigan, John Chisholm, Andrew Christianson, Harry Christianson, Olof Christianson, Adolph Clausen, Thomas Clausen, John Cline, Michael Connolly, John Dixon, Frank Doyle, William Dunn, James Everett, Patrick Fahey, Michael Flynn, William Fogarty, Joseph Francis, Arthur Gasney, John Gibbs, John Gillis, Peter Gillis, Norman Goodwin, George Grant, Wallace Grindle, George S. Hamilton, John M. Hanson, Martin Hanson, Caleb Hines, John Hines, Cornelius Hutt, Nelson Jacobson, Olof John Jacobson, Eaward Jensen, Alexander Johnson, Augustus Johnson, Carl Johnson, Christian Johnson, Christopher Johnson, Emil Johnson, Oscar Johnson, Angus Kamon, John King, Lawrence King, Joseph Kingholm, William Lawson, Jean LeBlanc, William Thomas Lee, Edward Lewis, Charles Lind, Christopher Lorensen, Martin Mattison, Fred McAuley, Alexander McDonald, Alexander McDougall, Harry McIntosh, Joseph McKay, John McLean, Peter McLean, Alexander McLeod, James McLeod, Norman McLeod, Christopher McRae, Robert Merchant, Samuel Meuse, Joseph Miller, William Morrison, Albert Munroe, Thomas Murphy, Lewis Musie, Alfred Nelson, Andrew Nelson, Lewis Nelson, Neil Nicholson, Andrew Nickerson, John Nickerson, John Nolan, John M. O'Brien, John V. O'Brien, George Olsen, John Olsen, John F. Olsen, Oscar Olsen, Louis Olson, Frederick Penney, John Perry, Joseph Perry, John Pitman, Henry Publicover, Frank P. Redmund, Joseph Ritchie, Wilson Roberts, Gilbert Rose, William Rudolph, James Ryan, Joseph Ryan, Michael Ryan, Patrick Ryan, Yourda Seyrintureson, John Simmonson, Jabez Smith, John Smith, Harry Solberg, Mangus Spencer, Abraham Stewart, Nicholas Stromberg, Asa Swain, John Swinson, Henry Thomas, Fred Trecarten, Albert S. Viator, John A. Vibert, Thurston Victor, James Warner, James P. Welch, Larry White, Fenwick Williams, Richard Williams, Thomas Williams, 1896 William Akerman, Andrew Anderson, Antone Anderson, Albert Babin, Daniel E. Barrow, Charles Betzanson, William Boudrow, John Bowman, Joseph Brown, William Carey, Robert Childs, John Clark, Fred Crane, Albert Day, Simon Deveau, Charles Doherty, George Ehler, Harvey Emeneau, Reinent Everson, Thomas Fraser, Henry Gillen, Daniel Gillis, James Haley, Stephen Hanlon, John Harnish, William T. Hayden, John Hendricksen, Henry Howlett, John Jacobson, Joseph Landry, Simon Landry, John Larkin, Kempton Larkin, William Lehay, Dennis J. Maguire, Philip Marchant, James May, William McAllester, Abraham McCormey, Harry McPhee, Thomas McRae, Crawford Minick, Martin Mulcahy, William D. Munroe, Martin Nelson, Olof Nelson, Alex. Nickerson, Rasmus Peterson, Gerring Roberts, Isaac Rogers, Thomas Rogers, Frank Silva, Robert Smith, Thomas Stewart, James Talbot, John H. Thomas, William Tobin, Alexander Whiffen, John Wilson, 1897 John P. Aiken, Walter Allard, George K. Allen, Harry Anderson, Antoine Augusto, Theodore Babine, Robert Bangy, William Bridges, Eugene Burke, William Bushby, Frank Calder, Charles Campbell, Daniel Campbell, David Campbell, Lemuel Cantelow, Edward Carrigan, James Carrigan, James F. Carter, Joseph Dee, James Doucette, John Doyle, John Eddy, James Edwards, Warren Eisner, Daniel Ellsworth, John Elster, Peter Erickson, Victor Erickson, Olof Ericson, Joseph Ferry, Philip Fiander, Patrick Fitzgerald, John Flynn, Patrick Flynn, William Flynn, Michael Gallant, Lyman Gerring, Augustus Gustafson, Carl G. Hagberg, Robert Hall, Adam F. Head, Richard Hearn, David Holm, Richard Howlett, John Huey, Norman Jeddrey, Andrew Johnson, Augustus G. Kench, Christian Klausen, Thomas Landry, George Lawson, William J. Leary, James Leonard, Samuel Lowrie, Thomas Lynch, Michael B. Mackey, Joseph Martin, Malcom Matheson, Allan McDonald, Archibald McDonald, Daniel McDonald, Daniel J. McDonald, John McDonald, John A. McDonald, John A. McDonald, Andrew McFadden, Angus McIsaac, William McKay, Andrew McKenzie, Kenneth McPherson, James Moore, Thomas Morris, John D. Morrison, William Mosher, Simon Mouliason, Cassie Muise, George Muise, Robert Muise, William Murphy, Augustus Nelson, Augustus Nelson, John Nelson, John Nelson, John P. Nelson, Harry Olsen, Henry Olsen, Thomas O'Neil, Jerry Osborne, William Perris, Adolph Peterson, John Petipaw, James Phalen, William H. Phillips, Patrick Poor, Charles Remo, Alex Richards, William Riley, Peter Roberts, William Rose, James Ross, Joseph Rowe, Andrew Ryan, John Ryan, John P. Ryan, Thoms Sanders, Alfred Saulner, Thomas Saunders, Fred Scott, John E. Sigsworth, Hugh Skinner, Frank Small, Elijah Smeltzer, Joseph Sonia, Edward Sparrow, John Spinney, William Walson, George Welch, William N. Wells, Alexander Whiffen, Thomas Williams, 1898 Edward Anderson, Oscar Anderson, Peter Anderson, John Armstrong, Murdock Avon, Dennis Broderick, Thomas Brown, James Burke, John Campbell, Walter Chetwynd, Patrick Coffee, Henry Conrad, Frank Cooney, David Dalton, John Devine, _____ DeYoung, _____ DeYoung, Lawrence Drew, Frank Duffy, Charles Ellis, Frank L. Ericson, James Garrett, Joseph Gaudenot, Amanchis Goodick, Thomas Guerin, Olaf Gunderson, Edwin N. Hall, William Hamilton, Harry Hanselpaker, Albert Hanson, Lars Heljson, Alfred Hyder, Albert Imerson, Theodore Johnson, Leander Joyce, Thomas Keating, Charles Keene, Dennis Kennefick, John W. King, Philip Kirby, Harry Knute, Abraham Landry, George Lloyd, Charles Mallard, Joseph McIsaac, Spencer McKay, John McLeod, Lawrence Meany, Frank Miller, John Morris, John Muise, Morris Munson, Harry Olson, John Porter, John Powers, Patrick Quinlan, Henry P. Rhoda, Augustus Rickhorn, James Russell, Franklin J. Ryan, Jeremiah Ryan, William Sanderson, Samuel Scott, Frank Silver, Johan Stenvall, Anthony Stone, Isaac J. Tilden, Frank Welch, John Welch, Harry Williams, Joyce Charles Wilson, 1899 Fred Armstrong, Wilson Brewer, Neil Brooks, James Burgess, Alfred Carlson, Magnus Christiansen, Michael Costello, Ernest Cross, John Fewers, Patrick Findley, George Gray, John W. Greenlaw, John Griffen, John A. Griffin, Michael Halley, John Hawson, George Hurst, John D. Husing, Fred Irving, Reuben Jacquard, William B. Johnson, Patrick Kelley, Lars Larson, George Latham, Alexander McDonald, James McDonald, Manuel M. Mitchell, Roderick Morrison, Steadman Morrissey, Mard Muise, Arthur Munroe, John Nolan, Charles S. Peterson, Abraham Powell, Edward Rapp, Edward T. Rider, George Rutledge, Charles Sadler, Simon Sampson, Joseph Shemelia, Frank Silva, Harold Smith, Hiram Smith, Lawrence Smith, Lawrence Smith, John Thomas, John A. Thomas, Harry Thompson, Ernest Turpin, 1900 Arthur E. Aldrich, John Anderson, Frank April, Louis Babine, Benjamin Benson, Martin Benson, Alfred Brown, George Campbell, Roderick Chisholm, John A. Conway, Arthur Crowell, Welch Crowell, William Delaney, Reney Dennis, Thomas Doody, Alexander Frazier, Gregory Frazier, John Frazier, John Goodwin, Lewis Gosbee, Charles J. Green, Thomas Hogan, Patrick Hubbard, Enoch Johnson, John Joy, Julian Landry, Charles Llewellyn, Henry Lucas, William Mahoney, Daniel McCaffrey, James McLennan, Alexander McLoud, John C. Mills, Burns Moody, Benjamin Nelson, Ernest Nickerson, John Nickerson, Charles Noble, Abram Penery, Magnus Peterson, Thomas Saulnier, Angus Sears, Charles Sears, Patrick Shanahan, Joseph Smith, Leslie Smith, George M. Strahan, Wilfred Swim, James Tarrio, James A. Townsend, John H. Wagner, Wallace White, William C. Whitman, 1901 John Abrams, Arthur Amero, Fred Benson, Valdemar Bergstram, Jonas Bergstrom, Charles Bernard, Henry Bouchie, George A. Bowman, Charles C. Busch, Allen Cameron, Joseph Clark, Clifford Cobb, Patrick Conolly, Joseph Couillard, James Cox, Anthony Doucette, Harty Ellefson, Augustus Engstrom, Arthur Fiander, Riley Goodwin, Andrew Grimes, William Hapley, Henry Harmon, Carl Helster, Thomas Hickey, N. Hoppley, Harry Humphries, Fred Johnson, Otto Kanoc, Thomas Keddie, Simeon Keeping, Oliver Lahey, John Landry, John Landry, Peter Lawson, Leo Lenore, William McCreigh, Daniel McCuspie, George McKay, Leslie McKay, John D. McKinnon, Alex. McLean, Angus McLean, John McLellan, William Melden, George Moody, Benjamin H. Muise, William Muise, Fred Nason, Samuel Nelson, Sone Nelson, Charles Olsen, Oliver Olsen, Julius Olson, Whitman Parks, David Perry, John Peterson, Peter Peterson, Frank Pierce, Louis Pommett, Matthew Powers, Jacob Reilber, Joseph Ryan, Harry Smith, William T. Smith, Ezekiel Soller, James A. St. John, William Stiles, George D. Strahan, John Surette, August Sylvia, Tilly Tellefson, James Thomas, John Thomas, Thomas Thompson, William Thompson, J. Frederick Thomson, Patrick Tobin, Charles A. Weeks, Edward Williams, Matthew Yearn, 1902 M. Denis Arnberg, Saerias Benson, James Bird, Nehemiah Blade, Isadore Bouchie, Joseph Brennan, Charles Bungey, Curtis G. Carr, Michael Carroll, Alexander Chisholm, Joseph Chisholm, Christopher Clausen, Alexander Clements, John Corcoran, John Elijah Dall, Dean John Doucette, Sylvan Doucette, William Doucette, Norris Burton Dunbar, Charles Dunkenson, Charles Dunsen, Malcolm Edwards, William Fisher, Lawrence Fogarty, Charles Forrest, Manuel Fraga, Charles Frazier, John Frelix, Kenneth Godton, Elias Goodwin, Anthony Hall, George Hawkins, John K. Hellard, Henry Henderson, Harry G. Hendricksen, Royal Hines, George A. Horton, Richard Jackman, John Jacobs, William Johnson, Daniel Keefe, Frank Kemp, John Kemp, James Key, James Knocton, Simon Langley, Henry Lennox, Duncan McAskell, Daniel McDonald, William McDonald, William McDonald, Angus McInnis, Joseph McInnis, Richard M. McKie, Robert McKinnon, Peter Monson, James Murphy, Axel Neilson, Michael O'Donnell, Charles Olsen, Olof Parsons, William Peeples, Augustus Peterson, Edward Plow, George Riley, George Roberts Sr., Thomas Scott, Amos Simmons, Mellville H. Smith, John Staples, George Stone, Albert Strenberg, Jeremiah Surette, Ephraim Thorburne, Clarence Wagner, George J. Webb, Edward Williams, 1903 David Allen, Ernest Allen, Thomas Armsworth, Harry Babcock, James Beck, Alexander Benson, Bernard Carter, Daniel A. Cogill, Ernest Connors, Edward Daggert, Samuel Delong, Michael Doe, Fidele Doucette, Michael Drew, Archie Evans, Henry Fitzpatrick, Thomas Frazier, Augustus Frelick, William Frye, Ansel Goodwin, Charles Goodwin, Edward Goodwin, Marston Goodwin, William Hare, Antoine G. Harnslvan, William Hickey, Damien LeBlanc, John Lewis, Manuel Lopes, Eli Malonson, John Melanson, Peter Merchant, George P. Muise, Matthew Muise, Peter Muise, Oliver Nelson, George F. Newcomb, Harvey Nickerson, M. O'Hoolihan, John Oliver, William R. Parks, Charles A. Parsons, Charles Peary, Lewis R. Perry, Reinard Peterson, Charles Pierce, John F. Pool, Willard G. Poole, Peter Richards, Arthur Ronahan, Alexander Ryan, Joseph Slanvey, Samuel Smith, Clayton Spinney, Eldridge H. Spinney, George Stoddard, William Strickland, Reuben Surrette, Horace E. Taylor, Alexander Terry, Unknown, Bernarius Welch, John Yetman, 1904 Joseph Abby, John Anderson, William Atkins, Frank Bato, Charles A. Bohan, George Bowie, David Campbell, Carl Danielson, John Fagan, Stephen Hogan, John Kehoe, Thomas Landry, John Leyden, Hubert Martin, Peter McDonald, John F. Nelson, Almon Nickerson, Isaac Olson, John O'Neill, Walter Preshon, Amos Smith, Freeman Spindler, James Sterling, William Sullivan, William Taylor, Charles White, 1905 John Barry, John Bosty, Henry Bushie, Michael Campbell, James Colveau, William Crowell, Edward Edwins, Lewis George, Harry Hammond, Fred Hubbard, Joseph Lambert, Alex McDonald, James McDonald, John McKenzie, Raymond Muise, Orrin Reed, Norman Ryan, Albert Smith, Robert Sterling, Rannie Surette, Stephen Wharton, 1906 Manuel F. Alves, Eugene Amero, Charles Bohlin, Edward Burbine, Michael Canning, Thomas J. Connolly, Joseph V. Cusick, Archie Goodrich, James H. Goodwin, Stanley Goodwin, Alexander Grant, Patrick Healey, Michael Healty, Augustus Hufford, Reuben Isner, John Kenchlow, Gustav Kuppersbusch, Edward Landry, James Lupemaro, Patrick Mahoney, Frank S. Marchant, Eben R. Martin, George H. Martin, Howard McCutcheon, John F. McDonald, Christopher McPherson, Augustus K. Miller, Orrin Mills, Howard Morrissey, Joseph Myers, John Olson, James O'Neill, Guiseppe Organe, John Peeples, Eldredge Smith, Louis Whittaker, 1907 Manuel Gonsalves Acavo, John M. Alves, John E. Anderson, John Basito, Andrew Beckman, Charles Benson, Frank Boudrot, Henry Boudsia, Axel Bradic, Joseph E. Branco, Manuel N. Chico, Manuel D. Conera, Charles Gerry, Martin Getherell, Henry Goodwin, William Gray, Christopher Gunderson, Michael Handrigan, Jesse Harding, Charles L. Hines, Frank Hitt, Daniel Kelley, Henry Kelligrew, Harry Lynch, Francisco G. Machaito, John R. Malmberg, Edgarton McLarren, Daniel McLean, Neil McPhee, Facnud Pashon, Raymond Porter, Peter Ryan, Manuel Sariaba, Jacob Sheave, Augustus Silva, Marion Simmons, Bowman Spinney, John J. Sutherland, Joseph Veira, Walter Whittey, 1908 Robert B. Adams, John Bailey, Frank Bansfield, William R. Batten, John Bella, Frederic Blatchford, Eugene Burke, Frank Burke, Stephen Burns, Bernard Cashin, Colin C. Chisholm, Stephen Cole, Ambrose Connors, Barney Conrad, Hibbard Conrad, Lyman Conrad, Patrick Corcoran, Thomas Cronin, George Crowell, Benjamin Daley, William DeCoste, Vincent Dillon, Peter Doucette, Edward P. English, Walter Fiander, Edward Fitzpatrick, Fred Fraizier, H. F. Geel, Henry F. Geel, James George, Alfred Green, Russell Grouse, Edward Harding, Fred Humphrey, Jacob Jenson, Lawrence Kelley, Manuel Laeto, Sylvine Landry, Sven Larson, Valentine Ledwell, Robert Leonard, Roger Lord, Augustus Ludger, Alvin Lund, Michael Lynch, Joseph Marr, Alexander McEachern, William McLarren, James McShara, Lawrence Merchant, Alfred Muise, Thomas R. Muise, John Nelson, Ephraim Nickerson, Thomas Nickerson, Charles L. O'Brien, Sofup Olson, Charles Peterson, Dillon Porter, Reuben Porter, James Powers, Thomas Powers, Benjamin Raymond, Stanley Ryan, Arthur Smith, Wilson Spinney, Norman Sponagle, Jerome Steele, John Stobing, Augustus Swinson, Edgar Teal, _____ Thibbard, Coleman Townsend, Samuel Way, Koch Wentzell, Thomas Whiffen, Michael White, Paul Williams, 1909 John P. Anderson, Eugene Burke, Bernard Crowell, George Currie, Stephen DeLong, Willis M. Doggett, Owen Duffney, Arthur Everett, Andrew Fagin, Thomas Forristall, John F. Groves, William Hatfield, Thomas Hines, Warren Hudson, Oscar Johnson, Edward Keefe, Theodore LeBlanc, James McDonald, Michael McDonald, Jethro Messenger, John Meuse, William Meuse, Daniel Muise, William F. Muise, Walter Myles, Robert O'Brien, Arthur Richards, Ezra Roberts, Bert Ryder, Charles Shaw, Joseph Shaw, Alonzo Spinney, Luis Valente, Widley Van Amburg, William Van Amburg, Luis Wagner, John Welch, Peter Welch, Thomas White, Howard Whitehouse, Otto Whynot, 1910 Olaf Abrahamson, Thomas Babine, Edward Beck, Thomas Bohlin, Anson Bungay, Joseph Manuel Carlz, Morris Cummings, William Dailey, Leon DeGeorge, Thomas Foley, Edward Hanson, Edward McNamara, John Meuse, Morris Meuse, Martin Nelson, John O'Brien, Andrew Olsen, Willis Parsons, Charles Peterson, John Ribiero, Manuel F. Rose, Alexander Scott, Charles Sears, Antone Souza, Charles Sutherland, Jeremiah Sutton, Charles Swinson, Richard Walsh, Charles Walters, 1911 John A. Amero, Charles E. Anderson, Ernest Anderson, Thomas Babine, Thomas Barnes, Charles A. Barr, Albert Blair, Joseph Breen, Joseph Canning, John Chambers, Thomas Cloak, Alexander Collins, Lewis Devine, Frank Dewey, Patrick Farley, John A. Flygore, John Fortune, Havelock Frost, Levi George, James Goodwin, James D. Goodwin, Orlando Goodwin, Howard Greencorn, William M. Griffin, Thomas Hartley, Albert Hunt, Reubin Isner, Simeon LaBelle, Oscar Larkin, William P. Larkin, Aaron Lohnes, Daniel Marsh, Calvin Mason, William Mason, Duncan McDonald, John McPherson, Alfred Muise, Ernest Munroe, Fred Myette, John L. Nickerson, Peter Peterson, John Pettipas, John Porper, Thomas Prior, Nathaniel Quindlan, Reuben Rafuse, Joseph Reed, Hiram Resser, Louis Ridaut, Frank Silva, Thomas Smith, Alphonso Spofford, George Strahan, Alexander Tarr, Lewis F. Turner, Anthony Walker, Joseph Wharton, Frank Whittle, George Wiggin, James Wilkie, John Williams, Wallace Worthen, 1912 Ellison Bowers, John Campbell, John Chase, Wesley Isaiah Chetwynd, Thomas Comfort, Thomas Connors, Manuel S. Costa, William Dobson, George Dorsey, Albert Downey, George Essler, Thomas Flannagan, Robert Frasier, Albert Goodwin, John Goodwin, William J. Griel, William Harding, Guy Hebbles, Coleman Hopkins, Michael Jennings, Patrick Joy, Patrick Keough, William Malonson, Allen McDonald, James McNeil, Dean Nickerson, Joseph Nickerson, Marshall Nickerson, John Olson, Andrew Peddle, Clarence Perry, Valentine Powers, Stanley Proude, Milford Roberts, Joseph Robisheau, Joseph King Rogers, Austin J. Seeley, Martin J. Shields, John Smith, Leslie Smith , Patrick Smith, George Sparks, George M. Stoddard, Joseph Walker, Hiram Wilson, Thomas J. Winn, 1913 Frank Banner, David Carter, Tyson Conrad, Edward Cox, Lewis Crowell, John A. Doggett, John Loring Doggett, Ramie Doucette, Joseph Duval, Fred Ernst, Lester Fletcher, Frank Fornuson, Charles Furlong, Percy Golden, James Kavanaugh, Reuben Kenney, John Kenton, Thomas Landry, Henry Lawson, Stephen Mayer, Daniel McDonald, Cassie Melonson, Simon Merchant, Gus Nelson, Vincent Nelson, Horace Nickerson, Robert Stewart, William Sullivan, Fred Train, Ross Wharton, 1914 Louis Amero, Joseph Arsenault, George M. Colson, Joseph DeLuiz, James Fitzgerald, Ambrose Griffin, Frank Henderson, John Hiltz, James Hurley, John Malcolm, Allan J. McDonald, John McFarlane, Duncan McLean, James McLennon, Andrew Merchant, William Morrissey, Joseph Mullen, James Organ, George M. Ross, Lawrence Ross, John W. Rowe, Miles M. Somers, John Sperry, Wilfred Stoddard, Jeremiah Sullivan, William Tarr, Benjamin Thomas, George Tibbetts, 1915 Charles Antone, John Bell, John Benton, Oliver Bullock, Robert Cavanaugh, Richard Comerford, John E. Corcoran, Bernard Curtis, Jerry Daniels, Robert Diggins, Lewis Dix, Howard Feener, Oliveria Fernandez, John Goodwin, Dennis Hubbard, Nels Johnson, William Kalemar, Pius Landry, William J. McCarthy, Aubrey McLain, William McNair, Arthur C. McNeil, Pius McPhee, Albert P. Murphy, Adelbert J. Nickerson, Charles R. Nickerson, John Penny, Manuel Silva, Joseph Tebedo, William Waters, John Worthington, 1916 Byron Baker, John Bishop, Robert Boudreau, John M. Burnham, Samuel Colson, Joseph Daley, William DeYoung, Frank Doucette, Samuel Goodwin, Malaska Hagar, Severin Hanon, Albert Hubbard, Edward Moriaty, Conrad Nelson, Carl Olsen, Charles Olsen, Michael Peoples, Joseph Phillips, Charles S. Strople, George Surretts, James Winters, 1917 A. Acker, John Burton, Charles Carbey, Joseph Dias, Manuel Enos, John Falint, Russell Harding, Frank Holloran, John Jensen, Edward Johnson, Albert Kenney, John Kindbert Leopold, John F. Mallen, Lewis Matson, William Mattson, William McCarthy, John A. McKinnon, Jack Meany, Charles Paul, John Perry, Joseph Perry, Peter Peterson, Peter Richards, George Santos, Joseph P. Santos, Maximilian Shivery, Leo Smith, 1918 Augustus Amero, Murdock Beaton, William Burbridge, Nathaniel C. Day, Caesar Doucette, William G. Doucette, Joseph Ferandeiroes, Patrick Fitzpatrick, Peter J. Foley, Charles Johnson, William Madsen, Ronald McDonald, Timothy McDougall, Neil McLean, Asaph Misner, Freeman A. Munro, Amel Nelson, Patrick Powers, Peter Powers, William E. Welch, Baptiste R. White, Michael White, Leonard Williams, James Willneff, 1919 Walter Brown, Lawrence Chevette, Frank Depaquar, Jose Pedro dos Santos, John H. Ernst, Fred Fitzgerald, James Gardner, Simon Goodwin, Joseph Harris, Stephen McLean, Henry Merchant, Thomas M. Meuse, Edmund Muise, Elsid Muise, Patrick F. Murphy, Lee Parish, Howard Penney, Fred Richards, Ainsley Ross, Percy Ross, John A. Samms, Thomas Scott, Moses Surrette, 1920 Eugene Boudrow, Antone Brown, Manuel Veator Cardos, Walter L. Goyetche, Michael Green, Thomas Kenney, Dennis Muise, Ivan Murphy, William F. Parker, William Pierce, 1921 George W. Brown, Edgar Davis, Joseph Enos, William Marks, Edward Meuse, Augustus Otto, Vinal Pierce, William H. Porper, Andrew Rocha, David Sampson, 1922 John Blondin, Ernest E. Cavanaugh, James Gardner, Avery Goodwin, Mark Goss, Clifford Hawes, John H. Houghton, Chris Johnson, Charles Leo Joyce, Charles E. King, Charles Myron Lennox, Walter McKay, Thomas Merchant, Joseph Meuse, Frank Nichols, Augustus Peterson, John P. Powers, Patrick Powers, Eugene Prioux, John P. Quadros Jr., Paul Rollet, Fred Thorne, John Tutty, 1923 John L. Allen, David Anderson, Herbert Blondin, Raymond Bouchie, John J. Burton, Antone Dias, James Dobbins, James Duggan, Oswald Gale, Clarence Garron, Judson H. Goodwin, William McDonald, John McLeod, Mark Mitchell, James Murphy, Richard J. Myatt, George Nickerson, Edward Noseworthy, Miles O'Brien, George A. Pierce, John Robbins, Edward V. Somers, Horace G. Wylde, Albert Young, 1924 Harry Baker, Patrick Baker, Hilary Conrad, Eldridge Corkum, Antonio Santos Cortina, James Holland, Archibald Johnson, Joseph King, Andrew J. Kinney, Albert Larsen, Charles Larsen, Duarte Magellers, Fritz Mann, Manuel Marks, Manuel Natari, Peter Nelson, Edward M. Proctor, John F. Ryan, Alvin Selig, Joseph F. Silveira, George A. Stubert, Joseph Targett, William Welch, John Zinck, 1925 Harry Baker, Felix Boudreau, Howard Carew, Seymour Cochran, Samuel Cole, Henry Colt, Joseph Dalton, Thomas O. Downie, Peter Dunsky, Arthur B. Fay, Austin Firth, Charles Austin Firth, Thomas Fraser, Charles Goodick, Eli Goodick, Archie Hill, Enslem Hubbard, George Johnson, Clyde Larkin, Angus D. McDonald, Daniel M. McDonald, Reuben Melanson, Jarvis Meuse, Alphonse Pitman, William Roach, Angus Smith, Samuel Tibbetts, William Turner, Charles Wieball, Oscar Williams, Lin Woolf, 1926 Raymond Babine, John Fragata, Alden Geele, Charles Goodwin, Walter H. Hemeon, Joseph Lopes, Manuel Mitchell, Ansel Murphy, 1927 Harry Anderson, Enos Belong, Samuel Belong, Rupert Bragg, Frank Calder, William Colp, Caleb Conrad, Sumner Corkum, Russell Dahl, Frank Dedrick, Allison Firth, Arthur Firth, Isaac Gould, Colin Hawley, Thomas Hayden, William Hemeon, Everett Horton, Charles L. Huskin, James Jameson, Clayton Johnson, James MacAloney, Albert Mayo, George H. Mayo, Joseph Mayo, Lindley I. McComiskey, Foster McKay, James McLeod, Daniel McQuarry, Patrick Murphy, Manley Peterson, Alvaro P. Quadros, Manuel Redondo, Robert Steward, Clifford Vogler, Edmund F. Vogler, Jabez Vogler, Lewis Wharton, Charles White, Leo White, Carroll Williams, George Williams, 1928 Frank Zuaig, 1929 _____ Butler, Merill Greenleaf, Joseph Hickey, Leo Langwa, William Newman, Michael Pitman, Gregory Slaney, Patrick Walsh, Carl Wenneberg, 1930 Narcisse Budrow, John Mello Jr., Tony Perry, Joseph Santos, John W. Wagner, 1931 John Joseph Barron, James Brothers, Augustus Foley, Ernest Gillen, Youlis LeBlanc, Joseph Rose, Bradford Whynot, 1932 Murray Amero, John Bishop, Francis DeRoche, Nelson May, Austin Snow, Edward Zinck, 1933 Ivan Hines, Ivante J. Karlson, Vincent Muise, William Muise, Clifford E. Nelson, Jesse Park, Patrick Pitman, Albert Smith, Charles Wamboldt, Joseph White, John Williams, 1934 Lewis Enslow, Simon G. Muise, Jeffrey F. Thomas, 1935 Ralph Capucco, Charles Dailey, Ralph S. Fiander, Morris Fitzgerald, James Gould, Thomas J. Love, Philip McEwen, William L. Nickerson, Stephen Olson, Antonio Patrou, Louis Perry, Randall Walters, William Enos Wolfe, 1936 Harold W. Fairweather, Richard Frost, Charles Earl Gerring, Benjamin Goddard, James E. Jacobs, George Painter, John Santos, Norman P. Shea, Austin E. Wonson, 1937, Albert Blagdon, Harry Greene, William Hopkins, Reuben Kenney, Henry LeBlanc, Lawson Marden, Alfred Muise, James A. 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The Perfect Storm: The Story of the Andrea Gail