, Gloucester, MA

April 19, 2013

Menino: "We got him"

By Times Staff

---- — WATERTOWN - "We got him."

Those are the words of Boston Mayor Thomas Menino following the capture of Boston Marathon bombings suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, also referred to as "Suspect 2."

He was found earlier this evening hiding in a boat in a Watertown backyard. Reports are Tsarnaev is bloodied, but alive.

Investigators have spent the last 19 hours looking for Dzhokhar Tsarnev. His brother Tamerlan was killed in a shootout with police last night. An MBTA transit police officer was critically injured in the shootout.

Both are also suspected in the shooting death of a MIT police officer.

The neighborhood of Franklin Street has been evacuated.

More as it develops.