, Gloucester, MA

September 17, 2013

Trading places on Cape Ann

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — Sales information, compiled from Registry of Deeds, is provided under copyright by Banker and Tradesman, Boston.


19 Beauport Ave.: Kyle J. Benson from Nathan M. Collins and Cristina M. Collins on Aug. 29 for $285,000.

18 Russell Ave.: Zachary A. Sears from Jannette Santos and David J. Martinell on Aug. 26 for $258,000.

130 Mount Pleasant Ave.: David A Perron and Ruth E. Perron from Robert C Ladd and Rosa Ladd on Aug. 29 for $510,000.

5 Cape Terrace: Daniel B. Giddings and Samanthan K. Porter from David B. Adams and Elizabeth A. Adams on Aug. 28 for $325,000.

6 Old Ford Road: Ryan Hannah from Dag K. Anderson and Eve L. Andersonon Aug. 30 for $249,000.

424 Washington St. Unit 1: Gregg Shupe and Debra Shupe from Deborah Gilbert on Aug. 27 for $500,000.

17 Rockholm Road: John C. Johnson and Lucy P. Johnson from John R. Pear and William H. Pear on Aug. 29 for $600,000.

10 Norman Ave.: Eliha Jacobe from Richard W Schmidt and Carole A,Schmidt on Aug. 28 for $510,000.

Kettle Cove Lane lot: M&M At Western Ave Realty Trust from B&S Investments LLC on Aug. 26 for $325,000.

24 Uncas Road: Nicole C. Sassi from Scott R. Nyman and Dawn E. Perron on Aug. 27 for $270,000.

8 Lincoln St.: Amber L. Gaumnitz from Mark R Stevick and Kristina W. Stevick on Aug. 27 for $223,000.

3 Cabot Lane: Lawrence E. Mayo from Lawrence E. Mayo and Mary J. Mayo on Aug. 27 for $1.

306 Concord St.: Richard L. Chane and Charlotte A. Chane from Brian D. McCarthy on Aug. 30 for $100,000.

46 Castle View Drive: American International Relocation Solutions from David R. Constant and Elizabeth F. Constant on Aug. 28 for $684,000.

46 Castle View Drive: Elena Glidden from American International Relocation Solutions on Aug. 28 for $684,000.

17 Cleveland Place Unit 31: Janet R. Crunden from Matthew L. Aiello on Aug. 30 for $95,000.

10 Dalton Ave. Unit 1: Merrill D. Griff and Carol A. Wilcox from Piper Memorial Trust and Rebecca Lombardi on Aug. 30 for $120,000.

24 Cobblestone Lane Unit 504: Janet McSweeney from Theodore Smith on Aug. 29 for $168,000.

8 Pearl St. Unit 3: Kelly M Polisson and George Polisson from Jennifer A. Flaherty on Aug. 28 for $212,000.

20 Dalton Ave. Unit B: Peter Anderson and Deborah Anderson from O’Brien Realty Trust and John H. O’Brien on Aug. 27 for $282,500.