, Gloucester, MA

September 18, 2012

Trading places on Cape Ann

Gloucester Daily Times

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ed from Registry of Deeds, is provided under copyright by Banker and Tradesman, Boston.


153 Eastern Ave.: Victoria Roberts from Citimortgage Inc. on Aug. 30 for $260,500.

10 Desoto Road Unit 9: Fair Wind Farm Realty Trust and Susan L. Sandler from Robert Brigham and Allison Brigham on Aug. 27 for $381,500.

182 Southern Ave. Unit 3: Cynthia W. Sweet and Peter Hoare from Sarah H Caviston 2000 Real Estate Trust and Sarah Macort on Aug. 29 for $610,000.

Ralston Drive lot: David B. Jones from William W. Wolbach and Brandy Wheeler on Aug. 31 for $800,000.


12 Middle St., Unit 2: Angel Nerys and Tania Nerys from Eric W. Saulnier on Aug. 24 for $81,000.

55 Wheeler St.: Frank Capone from Hilary M. Oliver on Aug. 24 for $262,000.

4 Norwood Court, Unit 1: Peter J. Zanconato from Anthony R. Parco and Octavia E. Lowe on Aug. 20 for $155000

19 Dale Ave. Unit

2: Sharon F. Kamm and Jay D. Kamm from Terry Armstrong on Aug. 24 for $270,000.

15 Taylor St.: Ellen B. Szabo from OWB REO LLC on Aug. 29 for $122,000.

1022 Washington St.: Lenore Balliro and Julia M. Garrison on Aug. 27 for $367,000.

1066 Washington St.: Lanesville Station LLC from Ronald E. Ramsey and Jean L. Ramsey, on Aug. 27 for $360,000.

7 Pebble Path: Daniel M. Mclaughlin and Julie A. Mclaughlin from Gregory Agganis on Aug. 31 for $1.52 million.

6 Lisa Drive: Eric L. Smith and Laurie V. Smith from Jonathan D. Beltz and Martha E. Beltz on Aug. 27 for $ 610,000.

667 Essex Ave.: Joshua W. Gould and Kristine A. Gould from David K. Savory on Aug. 28 for $443,000.

10 Luzitania Ave. Unit C: Bruce G. Collins and Francine Collins from John J. Ciaramitaro on Aug. 30 for $275, 000 Magnolia Reach lot: Magnolia Reach Capital LL from SA Group Properties Inc. on Aug. 28 for $2.45 million.

8 Riverview Way: Gordon F. Burgess and Donna L. Burgess from Jill H. Viselli on Aug. 28 for $295,000.

33 Starknaught Heights, Unit 3: John E. Meurling and Susan M. Meurling from Caroline H. Buckler on Aug. 28 for $560,000.

166 Washington St.: Walter J. Innis, Francine Collins on Aug. 30 for $255,000.

1040 Washington St. Unit D: Stephen C. Perry and Oliver Radford from Timothy Russell on Aug. 30 for $8,000.

107 Riverview Road Unit 107B: David S. Campbell from Richard A. Barletta and Marcia L. Martin, on Aug. 31 for $262,500.


11 Highwood Road: Bernard P. Romanowski and Tamar Lipof from Paul Douglas and Janet Douglas on Aug. 23 for $799,000.

7 North St.: Daniel J. Ochs and Ashley M. Ochs from Jason Stinsmuehlen and Sarah T. Casey on Aug. 24 for $664,725.

7 Harold St.: Blerina Omari and Fitim Sema from Rolf E. Davey and Diane L. Davey on Aug. 30 for $487,000.

61 Norwood Ave.: John C. Mason and Leslie F. Mason from Gordon F. Burgess and Leslie F. Mason on Aug. 27 for $317.885.

29 Central St. Unit 3: David M. Crawley from Donna M. Hingston on Aug. 29 for $205,000.


4 Dean Road: Michael M. Krueger from Sharon Kamm and Jay Kamm on Aug. 24 for $625,000.

Foxberry Court lot: Town of Rockport from the estate of Stephen R. Johnson and Kenneth C. Johnson on Aug. 20 for $172,000.

Story Street lo

t: H. C. Holljes and Lauren K. Holljes from GMAC Mortgage Loan Trust and Wells Fargo Bank NA on Aug. 27 for $270,000.

158 Main St.: Gail G. Clement from Neal J. Ryan on Aug. 31 for $320,000.

49 Thatcher Road: Justin B. Solomon from the estate of Isabel D. Johnson and Joan M. Walsh on Aug. 30 for $435,000.

40 Thatcher Road: Matthew J. Good from Gunter F. Kostka and Renate H. Kostka on Aug. 28 for $495,000.

4 Squam Hill Court Unit 1: Hugh D. Chace from Suutari Realty Trust and Barbara Kouroubacalis on Aug. 30 for $185,000.

15 Pleasant St. Unit 2: Raymond Pszenny and Elizabeth K. Pszenny from Steven Sieniewicz and Barbara Sienkiewicz on Aug. 31 for $421,000.