, Gloucester, MA

January 16, 2013

Trading places on Gloucester

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — Sales information, compiled from Registry of Deeds, is provided under copyright by Banker and Tradesman, Boston.

31 Shore Road: John X. Brussard from J. B. Claycomb and L. H. Dionne on Dec. 28 for $1,475,000.

6 Prospect St.: HSBC Real Estate Ventures from IC Realty Trust and Gerald M. Sneirsonon Dec. 28 for $530,000.

6 Oakes Ave.: Christopher S. Doe and Kiley B. Davis from 6 Oakes Avenue Realty Trust and Stephen H. Doe on Dec. 17 for $415,000.

2 Ocean Ave Unit 1G: Timothy L. Hanrahan and Grace M. Hanrahan from Lorraine R. Booth and David G. Booth on Dec. 19 for $150,000.

840 Washington St.: Victoria Fortune and Robert Fortune from Katherine M. Cordova on Dec. 20 for $448,725.

233 Essex Ave.: Lynne Robinson from Kathlyn M. Valianti on Dec. 27 for $168,000.

141 Concord St.: Heath J. Ellis and Yvonne G. Ellis from Cape Ann Savings Bank on Dec. 19 for $310,000.

2 Wyoma Road: James C. Salem, and Susan Salem from Susan E. White on Dec. 18 for $1,487,000.

10 Wingaersheek Road: Hannah C. Nesbeda from Jill A. Brussard and John X. Brussard on Dec. 28 for $925,000.

97 Leonard St.: Novak LT and Richard F. Novak from Philip C. Stackpole and Laura A. Townsend on Dec. 14 for $655,000.

49 Woodbury St.: Richard Docking and Irene Docking from Timothy R. Lynch and Diane S. Lynch on Dec. 14 for $395,000.

7 Boulder Ave.: Paul W. White from Windover Shorecliff LLC on Dec. 14 for $1,220,000.

126 Eastern Ave.: Halibut Point Realty Trust and Francis Mccormick from Stephen P. Cohen and E. E .Barmak on Dec. 14 for $365,000.

10 Lookout St. Unit 1: Carolyn A. Abram and Elma V. Cunney from Susan J. Macchi on Dec. 14 for $240,500. 17 Middle St.: Jose A. Duran and Mary J. Duran from USA HUD on Dec. 19 for $175,000.

9 Perkins St.: Chandra M. Beloff and Robert E. Beloff from Eric Anderson and Leslie Anderson on Dec. 28 for $341,000.

3 Gloucester Ave.: William F. Philbrick and Patricia A. Philbrick from Gloucester Avenue Realty Trust and Grace M. Orlando on Dec. 28 for $250,000.

5 Hammond St.: Jan W. Waalewyn and Joanne R. Waalewyn from the estate of Nancy A. Gorman and Mark S. Gorman on Dec. 28 for $160,000.

10 Poplar St.: Joshua D. Leclaire from R.D. Porper on Dec. 28 for $270,000.

9 Langsford St.: Frank S. Perrone from Deborah E. Lucci on Dec. 28 for $560,000.

2 Ships Bell Road: James Mcsherry from Roxanne E. Fleszar on Dec. 21 for $899,000.

7 Viking St.: Brianna C. Hodgkins from Elizabeth F. Ahonen on Dec. 19 for $265,000.

93 Quarry St.: Essex County Greenbelt Association from Erik Natti and Theresa Z. Natti on Dec. 27 for $59,700.