, Gloucester, MA

June 4, 2013

Trading places on Cape Ann

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — Sales information, compiled from Registry of Deeds, is provided under copyright by Banker and Tradesman, Boston.


14 Robbins Island Road: Joanne M. Averay from the Town of Essex on May 15 for $203,000.


1 Babson Court: TAM Props LLC from Michael W. Minot on May 13 for $265,000.

9 Addison St.: Andrew J. Migonis and Jennifer T. Migonis from the estate of Joseph A. Lovasco and Ida M. Christopher on May 17 for $275,000.

16 Allen St.: Maxwell T. George and Kathleen L. George from Paul A. Buccheri and Barbara J. Buccheri on May 17 for $279,000.

25 Acacia St.: Joel Favazza and Alexandria Fecych from the estate of Evelyn L. Perry and Richard E. Perry on May 16 for $225,000.

14 Elizabeth Road: Rebecca L. Church from Pauline E. Erwin and Virginia A. Ekborg on May 15 for $260,000.

14 Marble St.: Ronnie Steichler and Jamie Steichler from 14 Marble Street Trust and Abigail Newman on May 14 for $347,000.

9 Wheelers Point Road: Tyler K. Warren and Sarah F. Warren from John A. Radcliffe and Kathryn F. Radcliffe on May 13 for $435,000.

75 Langsford St.: Jennifer J. Pickens from Ralph M. Magwood and Carolyn L. Porter on May 15 for $312,000.

12 Oxford Road: James E. Hemeon and Lynda D. Hemeon from James E. Gustaferro and Jacqueline M. Gustaferro on May 15 for $290,000.

1 Lexington Ave.: Peter Smith Publisher Inc from Magnolia Library Center on May 15 for $2,118

12 Concord St.: Cape Ann Savings Bank from Frank A. Sauinders and Cape Ann Savings Bank on May 16 for $250,000.

13 Pond Road: Stephen R. Lambert from Peter T. Vadala and Denise M. Vadala on May 17 for $400,000.


26 University Lane: Philip P. Leahy and Constance Leahy from Philip D. Cutter and Eve E. Cutter on May 17 for $875,000.

33 Hickory Hill Road: Michal Vytopil from Carl D. Graves and Julia K. Mahoney-Graves on May 17 for $845,000.

13 Pleasant St.: Todd Main from John P. Davis on May 17 for $228,000.


1 Doctors Run: 19R Pleasant Street Realty Trust and Andrew B. Bloomingdale from Vierstra Family Trust and Louise Vierstra on May 15 for $810,000.

72 Main St. No. 1: Kathleen Fitzgerald and John R. Fitzgerald from Daryl Hellman and Susan Beaton on May 15 for $265,000.

14 Story St. Unit A: Michael R. Anderson and Jessica E. Anderson from Meredith M. Morgan on May 14 for $268,000.

190 Granite St.: Daryl A. Hellman and Susan Beaton from 188 Granite Street NT and Julia Robinson on May 17 for $150,000.

190A Granite St.: Daryl A. Hellman and Susan Beaton from 188 Granite Street NT and Julia Robinson on May 17 for $565,000.