, Gloucester, MA

June 25, 2013

Trading places on Cape Ann

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — Sales information, compiled from Registry of Deeds, is provided under copyright by Banker and Tradesman, Boston.


2 Brook Pasture Lane: Martyn B. Clements and Karen H, Clements from Devin M McLaughlin and Maureen D. McLaughlin on May 23 for $607,500.

96 Martin St.: Matthew Coogan and Grace Garrison from James F. Sullivan and Pamela L, Sullivan on May 24 for $ 295,000.


326 Main St. Unit 4: Hugh H. Park from Vincent A. Deno on May 24 for $175,000.

33 Beacon St.: Michael Basseches from Dave G. Bergeron and Judith A. Bergeron on May 22 for $371,000.

126 Prospect St.: Peter T. Vadala and Denise M. Vadala from B&B NT and Lola P. Aptt on May 23 for $485,000.

10 Traverse St.: Michael S. Duggan from Joshua L Serrin and Emily O. Serrin on May 22 for $367,000.

9 Doanne Road: Robert Bertone and Amy Clements from Carol A. Herrick on May 24 for $315,000.

34 Rockport Road Unit 11: Aurora Bank FSB from Thomas M. Lott and Aurora Bank FSB on May 24 for $398,995.

4 Cabo Drive: Richard A. Cabral and Karen J. Cabral from the estate of Emma M. Francis and Barbara A. O’Maley, on May 24 for $217,000.

103 Magnolia Ave.: Alexei A. Vorozheykin and Jennifer O’Brien from Michael J. Zager and Gregory J. Zager on May 22 for $275,000.

160 Magnolia Ave.: Daniel R. Tuck and Melissa J. Tuck from Micah J. Dean and Becky P. Dean on May 24 for $365,000.

336 Essex Ave.: Jeffrey C. Powers and Patricia M. Powers from Daniel R. Tuck and Melissa J. Tuck on May 23 for $319,000.

20 Leonard St. Unit 2: Ellin P. Royds from Janes Room With A View Realty Trust and Sarah Wainwright on May 21 for $475,000.

17 Cleveland Place Unit 17: Joseph S Kingston and Abigial S. Kingston from Brendan S. Wiley on May 21 for $70,000.


185 School St.: Dennis E. Smith and Catherine M. Smith from Sarah A. Mellish on May 24 for $298,000.

71 Pleasant St.: Diego F. Sanson and Denise M. Sanson from Paul R. Stremple and John F. Stremple on May 23 for $675,000.


16 Landmark Lane: Allison J. Mckay from Smith Mckay and Sheila Mckay on May 24 for $490,000.

1 Lamb Heights: Trevor Cook and Stacey Cooke from the estate of Paul J. Fears Sr. and Paul J. Fears on May 24 for $295,000.

1 Danvin Court C: Russell D Liddle and Judith A. Liddle from Margaret M. Flanagan on May 24 for $141,000.

11 Broadway Unit 2: Bradford L. Bigelow, Rosemary F. Bigelow, Sandy Bay Properties LLC on May 24 for $1.

8 King St. Unit 2: George Marinakis and Molly Smith from Golden Beach Realty Trust and Terence C. Golden on May 20 for $285,000.