, Gloucester, MA

August 20, 2013

Trading places on Cape Ann

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — Sales information, compiled from Registry of Deeds, is provided under copyright by Banker and Tradesman, Boston.


30 County Road: George E. Mullin from Kathleen Newman on Aug. 2 for $35,000.

1 Winthrop St.: Deanna Pierpan and Christopher Pierpan from Jack P. Schwartz and Gail L. Pepe on Aug. 2 for $490,000.

22 Lufkin St.: Michael Burke and Joan Burke, Loretta L. Grant on July 31 for $414,103.


33 Centennial Ave.: Andrew N. Danikas and Brittany M. McLaughlin from Nicholas A. Danikas on July 30 for $210,000.

12 Granite St.: Kevin Anderson and Wayne W. Kucharski from Thomas W. Berube and Sharon A. Berube on Aug. 1 for $230,000.

22 Arthur St. Unit 14: Linda L. Cooney from John H. Barbour and Helen T. Mccrady on July 29 for $153,000.

68 Mount Pleasant Ave.: Kenneth E. Kesterson and Melissa Kesterson from Frank S. Benson and Grance M. Benson on July 31 for $329,900.

11 Ashland Place: Michael Oliver from 14 Ashland Place Realty Trust and James T. Redmond on July 31 for $360,000.

69 Leonard St.: Meredith Hagood from Nesbitt W. Hagood on July 29 for $1.

103 Eastern Point Blvd.: Robert A Culbert Living Trust and Robert A. Culbert from Robert A. Culbert and Jennifer H. Culbert on Aug. 2 for $1.

44 Lexington Ave. Unit 26: Lee Kafer and Sheila Kafer from Rebecca A. Sumner on Aug. 2 for $120,000.

20 Dalton Ave.: Peter Anderson and Deborah Anderson from O’Brien Realty Trust and John H O’Brien on July 29 for $282,500.

96 Bass Ave.: Mary S. McNamara from Louis A. Norton and Elinor Norton on Aug. 1 for $300,000.

13 Diamond Ave.: John A. Legelis and Kimberly M. Legelis from Timothy A. Marsac and Lucile C. Marsac on Aug. 1 for $1,210,000.

73 Essex Ave.: 65-73 Essex Avenue LLC from A&T Holdings LLC on July 30 for $1.5 million.

5 Ancient County Way: Nicholas P. Chareas and Kara Chareas from Wilson A Olson IRT and Margaret E. Otis on July 29 for $335,000.

24 Harbor Loop Unit B: Capt Bills Realty Trust and Marc D, Cunningham from the Whale Center Of New England on Aug. 2 for $180,500.

25 Riverview Road Unit A: Rose Ciulla from Kristian Kristensen and Katrina H. Kristensen on Aug. 1 for $565,000.

16 Cobblestone Lane Unit 16: Kenneth B. Lawrence from Peter A. Leathers on July 31 for $219,000.

2 Danvin Court, Unit 2: Phyllis Dickson from Gary M. Simon and Sandra G. Simon on Aug. 1 for $169,000.

5 Viking St. Unit A: Megan E. Bouchard and Mironda L. Meyer from Erik M. Doyon and Rebecca J. Doyon on July 30 for $232,000.


7 Nortons Point: Verbier Realty Trust and William L. Meaney from Tasha Realty Trust and Anita Brewer-Siljeholm on July 30 for $4.8 million.

11 Nortons Point: Verbier Realty Trust and William L. Meaney from Tasha Realty Trust and Anita Brewer-Siljeholm on July 30 for $4.8 million.

1 Burnham Lane: Ryan S. Bardsley and Lindsey G. Shaw from David W. Reissfelder and Christin M. Reissfelder on July 31 for $629,000.

54 School St.: John Harden and Alison Harden from 54 School Street Realty Trust and Elizabeth M Congdon on July 31 for $695,000.


88 Phillips Ave.: Edward G. Detmer and Jill Detmer from Ellen Gibbons Real Estate Trust and Ellen G. Kozak on July 29 for $975,000.

12 Norwood Ave.: Gray Realty Trust and Robert M. Gray from Joyce M. Cannon on July 29 for $749,000.