, Gloucester, MA

August 6, 2013

Trading places on Cape Ann

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — Sales information, compiled from Registry of Deeds, is provided under copyright by Banker and Tradesman, Boston.


7 Maple St.: Clinton H. Rumble from Todd W. Kenney and Michelle J. Kenney on July 16 for $570,000.

Main Street (rear): Essex Green Realty Trust and Stuart F. Pratt from Thompsons Island Trust and Douglas G. Low on July 17 for $250,000.

141 Main St.: Marlin Capital Corp. from Front House Trust and Douglas G. Low on July 17 for $250,000.

141 Main St.: Sandwich Realty Trust and REMF Corp. Trust from Douglas G. Low from Barbara J. Low on July 17 for $300,000.

18 Lufkin St.: Lonnie R. Mayer from Christopher T. Wilt and Iwona Z. Wilt on July 15 for $243,000.


103 Centennial Ave.: Marcie Mullaney from Francis Deleo on July 10 from $292,000.

17 Madison Ave.: Alex S. Gold from Peter G. Black and the estate of Barbara P. Black on July 11 from $147,500.

131 Atlantic Road: 131 Atlantic Road NT and Stephen M. Bell from Sally Rowley-Williams on July 8 from $1,125,000.

11 Youngs Road: Anthony Sinagra from Marjorie H. Burns on July 11 from $299,000.

67 Revere St.: Bethany S. Laporte from Peter Koeplin and Tracie Koeplin on July 9 from $314,500.

62 Eastern Point Road: Charles J. Rotondo and Carolyn C. Murphy from Seacroft Partners LLC on July 8 from $575,000.

61 Farrington Ave.: Andrew P. Abela and Flora E. Ocampo from Woodrow W. Havens and Judith S. Havens on July 9 from $675,000.

90 Magnolia Ave.: William H. Newhall and Robert R. Mccrae from Zachary J. South and Suzanna M. South on July 11 from $354,000.

17 Washington St. Unit 3: Gregory B. Waddell from Diane L. Easterday on July 12 from $149,000.

16 Acacia St.: Jeremiah J. Stokes from David R. Perkins and Daniel W. Perkins on July 16 for $205,000.

17 Ferry Hill Road: Paul Ingram and Susan H. Ingram from Annisquam River Realty Trust and Barry J. Hallett on July 16 for $875,000.

9 Stuart Road: Gordon Alexander from Frances B. Lally on July 18 for $195,000.

12 Andrews Court: Angelo V. Rallo and Sandra J. Rallo from Alan J. Murtagh and Margaret C. Murtagh on July 15 for $97,000.


No transactions


84 Granite St. Lot 84: Henry J. Ferrara and Pamela J. Bymun from Maria C. Morales on July 8 for $464,000.

80 Main St.: Andrew K. Soll and Beverly A. Soll from Bruce&Betty Realty Trust and Duncan S. Ballantyne on July 12 for $573,500.

77 South St.: Eliza E. Rathbone from Nancy A. Cress and Edward F. Young on July 9 for $1.29 million.

2 Green St.: Cape Ann Savings Bank from Sara F. Egan and Cape Ann Savings Bank on July 15 for $250,000.

20 Main St. Unit L: Mark A. Deveau from April C. Ferraro on July 19 for $179,000.

104 Main St.: David L. Abram and Amber L. Abram from Anthony E. Moore Real Estate Trust and Christine M. Moore on July 15 for $539,000.

281 Granite St. Unit 2: Carcel A. Dubose from Theodore M. Shediac and Carol L. Shediac on July 19 for $350,000.