, Gloucester, MA

October 7, 2006

Massachusetts deeds

By Jen Barrows


5 Birchwood Pt Unit 304: Harriet E. Polner to Stacey M. Monahan, $138,000

60 Merrimac St Unit 604: Richard E. and Sandra K. Bray to Mary Kenealy, $390,000


60 Center St Unit 2: Anthony J. and Janice Mottolo to Rodrigo Lamadrid Castro, $195,000

204 Chestnut St: Emilie E. Gilbert to David J. and Jacqueline E. Mccrimmon, $760,000

105 Holt Rd: Donna M. Dinnocenzo to Daniel and Susan Fabbri, $1,141,500

199 Salem St: Linda Hachey and Sean M. Quinn to Daniel D. Hu and Yanna Yao, $370,000


15 Agate St: Astrit Mustafa to Brian and Lucy Turgeon, $385,000

14 Bayview Ave: Bacon RT and Daniel C. Bacon to Elmtop RT, $1,500,000

495 Cabot St Unit R1: Cabot Xing RT and David A. Carnevale to Roseanna L. Mattson, $410,000

90 Conant St: Amy E. and Roland E. Morrell to Lanre Obey, $417,000

42 Cornell Rd: Debra J. and Richard E. Petroccione to Sirva Relocation Cred LLC, $467,500

42 Cornell Rd: Sirva Relocation Cred LLC to Robert J. and Rachel A. Redman, $467,500

32 County Way: Carl R. and Keith W. Overberg to Dino R. Donati, $342,500

5 Echo Ave: Frank R. and Theresa M. Buttiglieri to John A. Murdoch, $360,000

31 Elliott St Unit 1a: Carnevale Realty LLC to Albert E. Towne, $240,226

5 Elm Top Ln: Elmtop RT and Robert J. Hubbard to Tracy B. Chait, $2,680,000

57 Hathaway Ave: Kevin J. and Lynn M. Collins to Deanna L. and Kevin A. Atwood, $495,500

57 Hathaway Ave: Kevin J. and Lynn M. Collins to Deanna L. and Kevin A. Atwood, $495,500

8 Pickman Rd: Daniel E. and Mary E. Callanan to Arvinder S. Bahal, $225,000

31 Pleasant St: George O. and Mae E. Bushey to Nicholas D. Argeros, $432,800

65 Shortell Ave: Elizabeth L. Caires to Eric L. Burgess, $255,000

6 Smith St: Carol O. and Daniel F. Hennessey to Christine Baron, $200,000

27 Trask St: Kimberly A. and Mark J. Curtis to Andrew R. and Erin M. Luman, $276,300


1 Forest Ln: Barbara W. and Gregory J. Acqua to Todd C. and Jill J. Henry, $830,000

335-b Middleton Rd: Barbara and Barry Blanch to Ronald Cooper, $650,000


11 Cherry St Unit 1: Cherry Place RT and John P. Paskowski to Ronald Mercurio, $300,000

27 Cornell Rd: Edward F. and Michele M. Sweeney to Daniel S. and Karen M. Zamore, $412,000

29 Garfield Ave: OHC Garfield LLC to Christopher D. Haight, $846,273

85 Hobart St: Anna L. and Jason M. Dexters to Christopher R. Coyne, $270,000

12 Laurel St: Ellen M. and Ronald R. Webster to Wallace E. Porter, $272,000

373 Maple St: SSKC RT and Sybil Gail Calef to Michael and Michelle Kastanotis, $300,000


49 Parker Ave Unit 21: Charlene A. Kalivas to Glorinda F. Mendonca, $140,000

98 Pemberton St Unit 37: John and Sheila Demers to Deirdre Foy-caille, $138,000


1 Lufkin Point Rd: Jerome C. Crepeau and Louis L. Lima to John C. Burroughs, $525,000

206 Southern Ave: Sandra L. Fritsch to Steven A. Lantner, $620,000


2 Acorn Way: Jeffrey I. and Maya Keller to Jonathan F. Finn, $658,000

95 Elm St Unit A: Premier Holding Co LLC to Thomas and Lauri Moore, $395,750

26 Mohawk Cir: Thomas A. Chausse to Louis and Andrea L. Polan, $382,500

192 W Main St: Nations First Inc to Vasil and Leonora Duvli, $403,000

1 N/a: Jonasch RT and John G. Jonasch to Justin R. Clark, $325,000


17 Cleveland Pl Unit 23: Cleveland Apts LLC to Jean Paul Laflam, $123,900

145 Essex Ave Unit 306: Cape Ann Residences LLC to Dana Frazao, $139,000

50 Fernald St: Erika L. and Joseph Mitchell to Cristopher Fogarty, $443,000

4 Gee Ave: Woundy Barbara J Est and Richard H. Woundy to Mary O. and Christy B. Marques, $300,000

16 Lyndale Ave: Philip F. Parisi to Shelley J. Nugent, $267,000

10 River Rd: Marjorie P Lacey T and Hamer Lacey to James Demarse, $1,310,000

11 Rust Island Rd: James D. Vachon to Nashua Avenue NT and Jill B. Chipperini, $750,000

634-a Washington St: Amy Farr-Borgman and Jacob Borgman to Matthew W. Strobeck, $2,001,000

30 Winthrop Ave: Alden M. and Priscilla S. Tarr to James L. Liegakos, $5,000


No Transactions in this Town


275 Asbury St Unit 2: 275 Asbury Street LLC to Brett C. and Faith A Ostan Hall, $230,000

8 N/a: Constr Mgmt & Bldrs Inc to Jennifer M. Puopolo, $350,000


44 11th Ave: Nathan R. and Sharon C. George to Sean and Cynthia Mclaughlin, $228,000

27 5th Ave: Kenneth Sylvester to Federated Realty 3 LLC, $130,000

67 8th Ave: Richard A. and Lori A. Bussey to Mark Cirignano, $191,000

31-33 Ashland St Unit 4: Joel P. Faxon and Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr to Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr, $120,000

73 Belmont Ave Unit 1: 14 James Avenue T and Brian R. Kennedy to Dawn M. Karatjas, $335,000

534 Boxford Rd: Wanda M. and Gary L. Page to Citimortgage Inc, $276,367

21 Braewood Dr: Mark J. Morin to Carol Bradbury and Leo J. Iacopucci, $315,000

244 Broadway: Diana and Richard R. Leblond to Brad Tetreault and Siobhan S. Owens, $215,000

10 Central Ave: Cynthia and Sean Mclaughlin to Molly Crowell, $229,900

25 Computer Dr: Koffler-Gid Haverhill LLC to Target Corp, $3,700,000

103 Hunters Run Pl Unit 103: David J. Boucher to Judy M. Howell, $148,000

48 Lincolnshire Dr: Mary E. and Thomas H. Oneil to Gerald A. and Anne M. David, $350,000

539 Main St Unit 3: Carrie J. Wyse to Roberts A. and Welky Galvis, $144,500

35 Nichols St: Kenia Portorreal and Kenya Manon to Ruby Flete, $370,000

440 North Ave Unit 2: Elizabeth and Jordan Butterworth to Christie Dolan, $128,000

440 North Ave Unit 265: Helen Thornton to Jazmin Nunez, $122,000

23 S Cogswell St: Sandra A. Szczerbin to Joseph L. and Kelley Woekel, $225,000

90 S Riverview St: Dennis C. Keefe and Lee A. Harris to Brian W. Coughlin, $268,000

11 Thorndike St: Charles F. and Robin T. Kemp to Scott P. Freeman, $299,900

5-7 Vernon St Unit 5: Vernon Street RT and Douglas L. Orton to Alex Lu, $122,000

6 W Parish Ct Unit 6: Gayle A. Peters to Ira J. Lanik, $240,000

11 Wainwright Ave: Priscilla M. Cook to Thomas E. and Emily Kelley, $278,500

440 N/a Unit 111: Patricia M. Omalley to PRS Electronics LLC, $110,000


351-353 Broadway: Fernando and Rafael Gutierrez to WRB 351 Broadway LLC, $320,000

270 E Haverhill St Unit 8: Belkys D. Ramos to Adrian Calvo, $121,000

274 E Haverhill St Unit 11: 274 East Haverhill St RT and Wilner Abel to Paule Y. Aimable, $60,000

215 Ferry St: Constantino and Giovannina Dilorenzo to Gloria Mercado, $230,000

115 Hancock St Unit 115: Rosa Gonzalez to Jose P. Guzman, $180,000

54-60 Haverhill St: Icafm Realty LLC to Reynaldo Dejesus, $50,000

159 Lawrence St: Danilo Salcedo to Ruben Morillo, $55,000

27 Lenox Cir: Katheeine A Hart T and Thomas F. Hart to Luis Santos and Myrna Santiago, $285,000

167-169 Saratoga St: Marisol P. and Francisco Paulino to Cristina C. Hidalgo, $320,000

124 Union St Unit 5: Lawrence Cmnty Works Inc to Melania C. and Anyelo Rodriguez, $125,000

195-197 Water St: Luis Velazquez to Ezequiel Taveras, $310,000


No Transactions in this Town


6 Maple St Unit 6: Anita M. Paul to Erica E. Joyce, $243,000

19 W Main St Unit 11: Holly and Todd Alperin to Barbara J. Oconnor, $243,000


15 Bernard Ln: Joseph G. and Mary B Auger Elkhoury to Wellington A. Fana, $377,000

17 Hastings Cir Unit 17: Alcro Dev LLC to Carolyn J. Baxter, $464,900

144 Howe St: Keamy FT and Mitchell D. Keamy to Karen Ann Nelson, $218,000

181 Old Ferry Rd: P&M; Custom Homes LLC to Neal F. and Maryanne Gilbert, $697,260

64-66 Phillips St: Satyendra K. and Brahm Agarwal to Juan M. Cotto, $309,000

1 Riverview Blvd Unit 1-202: Jason J. Byrnes to Prudential Relocation Inc, $285,000

42 Temple Dr: William Swartz to Novastar Mortgage Inc, $330,524

96 Vermont St: Joseph J. and Alison K. Davis to Francisco and Marisol P. Paulino, $265,000

45 Washington St Unit 33: Steven E. Pouliot to Michele M. Oconnell, $256,500

10 Wellington St: John T. and Andrea F. Cooper to Suphatchai S. and Kerri Doubleday, $264,000


28 Columbia Way: Gary L. and Janet L. Arnette to Susan Laventure, $360,000

6 Independence Way: John M. Bogert to Edward B. and Patricia A. Schuler, $480,000


1-e Bromfield Ct Unit 5: 1 Bromfield Court NT and John M. Cryan to Jade T. Le, $365,000

Bromfield St: Bromfield Street RT and Shawn M. Cayer to Building Solutions Inc, $790,000

60-64 Carter St Unit 1: Mary E. Stevens to Denis G. Stevens, $155,000

31-35 Market Sq Unit 5: Riccio Ent LP and Michael J. Riccio to Market Square Beacon LLC, $198,000

266 Northern Blvd: Plum Island Point RT and John D. Lorden to Kurt C. Littlefield, $622,000

9 Prospect St: Ann H. Dow to Michael T. and Suzanne Theriault, $270,000

2 Summit Pl: Andersson Thomas John Est and Jonas Ahlgren to Rohit Poddar, $469,500

3 Tracy St: E&S; Constr Inc to Kevin Montecalvo, $665,000

5 N/a: Andrew A. Allman and Catherine Cuthbert-allman to Ricahrd Humphrey, $590,000


23 Beech Ave: Bernard F. and Christopher M. Cox to Matthew Collins, $300,000

55 Milk St: Galaher Marjory L Est and Linda Low-carlson to Barry T. and Katherine M. Low, $220,000

4 Mill Pond: Paul J. and Christine W. Galardy to Branderly Maliwa, $304,000

113 Mill Pond: Jacquelyn B. Papia to Ellen and William Maggs, $296,000


93 Burroughs Rd: Bayard P. Sims to Charles Intravaia, $122,500

93 Burroughs Rd: John H. Williams and Sheila Farkas to Charles Intravaia, $122,500

12 Country Club Rd: Teri S. and Vinson Muskavitch to Anna M. and Anthony M. Celata, $408,700

36 Main St Unit 14: Stephen R. Colwell to Jeanne E. and John P. Mccarthy, $212,000


47 Aborn St: Burnett Crateau and Norman Burnett to Jose J. Luna, $350,000

14 Eileen Rd: Jeffrey P. and Jennifer E. Turner to Linda Pierce, $420,000

68 Fairview Ave: Jean A. and Stephen T. Digregorio to Kelly G. and Stephen D. Shoap, $316,000

25-b Greenwood Rd: Thomas Scott to Suezette Scott and Stephen E. Coombs, $40,000

4805 Heatherwood Ln Unit 4805: Katharine S. and Robert C. Gravino to Wayne F. Kingston, $375,000

19 Hillside Ave: Patricia D. Girard to Anne L. and John C. Hanley, $325,000

27 Jackson Ave: Ruth and Stuart Sharp to Brian Sharp, $350,000

2 Ledgewood Way Unit 23: Adeline B. Costa to Carol M. and Brian R. Lyons, $269,900

67 Lynn St Unit 67: Erin M. and Robert W. Duprey to Alexis A. Mercado and Starcia C. Conville, $270,000

48 N/a: Gerry A. and Judith A. Fisher to Keri Morrione, $370,000


3 Parker St: Jelmberg Rachel M Est and Bonnie H. Gahm to Judith L. Williams, $321,500

7 Ridgewood Rd: Frederic and Tatyana Raphael to Lourdes Bilbao, $350,000

5-r Smith St Unit 2: Allyson M. and John P. Penaloza to Mark A. and Clare Taber, $325,000

11 Summit Ave: 11 Summit Avenue RT and Barbara L. Davis to Nancy Kearns, $100,000


53 Emily Ln: Mannetta Realty Prtnr LLC to Louis James Falzone, $599,900

55 Main St: Barry B. and Karen D. Moore to Mark F. and Kaitlin M. Bonner, $370,000


7 Crombie St Unit 1: Bluestone Alley LLC to A Todd Rocco, $275,642

225 Derby St Unit 604: Derby&Congress; St RT and J Hilary Rockett to Angela M. Ventola, $445,000

70 Leavitt St: Joan Nadeau to Paul M. Mwangi, $372,400

51 Prince St: Veilka L. and Jose L. Diaz to Lasalle Bank NA, $356,719

82 Proctor St: David S. Howard and Terri H. Chee to James Leger and Dennise A. Alba, $352,000

41 Roslyn St: Darlene Mccarthy to Vianela Pimentel and Ronnely Carolin Lara, $440,000

96 Swampscott Rd Unit 8: 96 Swampscott Road LLC to R&J; Swampscott Road LLC, $1,882,000

15-1/2 Williams St Unit 2: Frederick S. Richard to Kevin Paul, $247,000


135 Beach Rd Unit 213: Jacqueline A. Hebert to Frank Coppola, $195,000

67 Cable Ave: Ardis Terrazas to Gerald R. Riccio, $385,000

528 N End Blvd Unit 6: Palmisano FT and Rita A. Palmisano to Armen and Christine Kourkounian, $495,000

29 Railroad Ave Unit 3: Song Of Sea LLC to Peter A. Carbone, $385,000


No Transactions in this Town


No Transactions in this Town


No Transactions in this Town