, Gloucester, MA

July 2, 2013

Trading places on Cape Ann

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — Sales information, compiled from Registry of Deeds, is provided under copyright by Banker and Tradesman, Boston.


43 County Road: Edward J. Mulry and Elizabeth A. Mulry from Thomas W. Griffith and Deborah A. Griffith on June 3 for $327,500.

43 County Road: Thomas L. Duff and Margaret E. Duff from Thomas W. Griffith and Deborah A. Griffith on June 3 for $30,000.


18 Rogers St.: Deb Squared LLC from Mitch’s Restaurant Inc. on May 31 for $445,000.

7 Forest St.: Eileen H. Mitchell and Richard A. Santos from 7-12 Forest Street Realty Trust and Christine D. Coolen on May 31 for $157,500.

22 Arthur St. Unit 1: Joseph Mathews and Lee Mathews from Cheryl Garniss on May 31 for $150,000.

269 Washington St.: Thomas J. Salah from Adele Kelly on May 31 for $165,000,

17 Andrews St.: Ralph Pisaturo and Marie E. Pisaturo from Steven M. Ruberti on May 31 for $435,000.

71 Hesperus Ave.: Bank Of America NA from Robert J. Blazewicz and Bank Of America NA on May 30 for $325,000.

40 Hill Top Road: Mariam S. Preas and Andrew Preas from Marjorie Jane Bedell Real Estate Trust and Marjorie J. Bedell on May 30 for $256,900.

8 Riverview Way Unit A: Marsha P. Rundgren from Russell C. Hudson and Beverly A. Hudson on May 31 for $296,000.

6 Heron Circle Unit 22: William D. Hinkle from West Gloucester Capital LLC on May 31 for $776,637.

8 Heron Circle Unit 20: James M. Smith from West Gloucester Capital LLC on May 31 for $917,215.

34 Cherry St.: Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency from Roberto Delisi and Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency on June 3 for $123,250.

337 Concord St.: VQ Realty Trust and Jeffrey W. Roberts from 337 Concord Street LLC on June 5 for $2 million.

125 Bray St.: Duane G. Roberts and Jennifer L. Roberts from Carrigan Development LLC on June 3 for $337,500.


7 Plum Hill Road: Michael Mclaughlin and Lisa M. Harvey from Ralph E. Bates Trust and Ralph E. Bates on May 28 for $200,000.

9 Bridge St.: Christine C. Carsman and Larry Carsman from Dominic A. Paratore and Jeanne R. Paratore on May 31 for $475,000.

34 Forest St.: Thomas L. Mcgahan and Mary A. Mcgahan from Lawrence M. Young and Suzanne K. Young on June 7 from $495,000.


4 Wharf Road: Jungwhon Joo from Whon K. Shon on May 29 for $500,000.

125 Main St.: Christina S. Doyle from Harold F. Beaton and April A. Beaton on May 31 for $565,000.

9 Broadway Unit 2: Robert A. Bouley from Bradford L. Bigelow and Rosemary F. Bigelow on May 30 for $105,000.

24 School St.: Ruth Schneider and Matthew J. Cegelis from Molly Dequattro on June 7 for $485,000.

9 Athena Way: Jason Shaw and Kate Johns from Patricia Hintlian on June 3 for $920000

7 Calebs Lane Unit B: Richard M. Gaige and Kathleen M. Gaige from Jill A. Wallace and John D. Wallace on June 3 for $235,000.