, Gloucester, MA

October 2, 2012

Trading places on Cape Ann

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — Sales information, compiled from Registry of Deeds, is provided under copyright by Banker and Tradesman, Boston.


27 and 37 Harbor Loop: Kristensen Realty LLC from Star Realty Management LLC Harbor Loop on Sept. 7 for $4.1 million. 168 Washington St.: Paul L. Harrington from US Bank NA on Sept. 4 for $194,000.

452 Washington St.: Leyla V. Smith from Sheryl L. Russell and Edmund K. Russell on Sept. 5 for $480,000.

17 Rackliffe St.: Melinda L. Adam and Peggy S. Easton, from AS Partners LLC on Sept. 5 for $556,600.

17 Winthrop Ave.: Timothy P. Palermo from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. on Sept. 4 for $160,000.

58 Castle View Drive: John J Shields and Judith A Shields, from Todd 2003 Realty Trust and Michael J. Todd on Sept. 6 for $1.3 million.

10 Granite St.: Tiffany M. Anderson, Salvatore T. Favazza, Donna M. Kyrouz on Sept. 13 for $265,000.

6 Old Ford Road: Dag K. Anderson and Eve L. Anderson from Norma Anderson on Sept. 14 for $165,000.

31 Reynard St.: Robert J. Jones from Helen H. Madison on Sept. 13 for $320,000.

1 Island Rock Lane: Tracy Dickson from Frank Vinci and Maria T. Vinci on Sept. 14 for $739,500.

48 Fort Hill Ave.: Eliza B. Baer from Stella Maria Bearlila Trust and Eliza B. Baer on Sept. 11 for $145,316.

48 Fort Hill Ave.: Eliza B. Baer from Gabriel J Leonard Swift Trust and Eliza B. Baer on Sept. 11 for $145,316.

4 Great Ledge Lane: John N. Benchoff from Cornelia J. Murphy on Sept. 14 for $485,000.

16 Keystone Road: Peter S. Albano and Stacey L. Albano from Mary A. Godwin on Sept. 14 for $87,500.


8 Crooked Lane: Regine Adam and Thomas Knoke from Pulver Properties LLC on Sept. 5 for $723,000.

21 Harold St.: David S. Chrzanowski and Kathleen H. Chrzanowski from Matthew J. Mccarthy and Emilie S. Mccarthy on Sept. 7 for $1,030,000.

91 Old Essex Road Unit B: Samuel C. Crocker from Diane Constantino on Sept. 5 for $540,000.


No transactions.


192 Granite St.: Rapp Realty and William R. Rapp from Joel M. Reiter Trust and Joel M. Reiter on Sept. 14 for $91,000.

Marmion Way lot: Armand D. Aparo and Cheryl A. Aparo from Joan M. Dee and Norman E. Dee on Sept. 13 for $195,000.

15 Stockholm Ave. Unit A: Wells Fargo Bank NA from Timothy M. Gleason and Wells Fargo Bank NA on Sept. 13 for $256,000.