, Gloucester, MA

March 4, 2013

Wings in the Wind

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — I saw three slender arms

waving gracefully through bare limbs

above the hill across the water


a new dawn has come.

The future is on the way

gathering energy

for now and future days.

At first only three were visible

from the rise in our backyard

but shifting my sight toward denser trees

three more came into view

then all nine were gently beckoning,

“Come, we won’t hurt you

we need you.

Your brief visit will help to cleanse

the air you travel through

from noxious fumes and soil.

Later I discover from upstairs window

this trio of stalwart structures

peeking through still leafless trees.

I wonder how many more will sprout

to supply our growing need?

Faith, Hope and Charity I call them.

Margery McManus Leach