, Gloucester, MA

January 14, 2013

Poets Corner: Newtown

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — Weapons, their hot issue piercing bone

and flesh.

Screams, cries for mommy, daddy.

They run, stumble, crouching against the


Mothers, fathers, waiting, their angels

frozen in place.

The Headquarters, its proud “NRA”, in

polished bronze.

Hucksters inside, huddled, scripting

Freedom’s necessity —

the immolation of children, offered to

the pleasure of cold steel.

Holstered man-boys, gathered to caress a

fake manhood.

Their lying recitation, “Guns don’t

kill ...”

Congress, cowards waiting at emails

for talking points.

People, citizens, When will it end?

The children, twenty this time, finished

with life.


Rocky Neck Avenue, Gloucester