, Gloucester, MA

January 21, 2013

The Winter of My Content

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — Frigid winds blow barren branches,

the sky is nickel grey.

Crystal snowflakes come drifting down,

Winter seems here to stay.

Jagged icicles hang in a row,

the snow is getting deep.

Logs are crackling in the fire,

it’s a prime time to sleep.

The days are short, the nights are long,

it’s bitter cold outside.

But the woods are a wonderland

with beauty far and wide.

I’m happy to enjoy the view

from my window here each day;

I am content because I know

Spring can’t be too far away.

Down deep below the drifts of snow,

a dormant crocus lies.

Soon it will push through thawing sod

to greet the bright March skies!

Bruce Fabian Mancevice