, Gloucester, MA

October 16, 2012


Gloucester Daily Times

---- — In the pitch

Of moments’

Anger, frustration


For daily bread

I forget

‘Tis human

Her in her beauty

The grace she has

To offer

The balm of a smile

The answer of a kiss

‘Tis human

Nor does my wedding

Band nor hers

Nor gifts and tributes

To her abounding

Remind me

‘Tis human

When I am blind

To her love

And mine for her

In darkness

‘Tis human

Then I can only


For my mind to clear

My heart to open

‘Tis human

Puzzled at the strife

When it is over

Sorry for the time

When love was buried

Like a treasure

Hidden and forgot

Jim Dinsmore

Webster Street, Gloucester