, Gloucester, MA

June 19, 2013

2013 Gloucester High School Graduation Awards

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — This is a partial list of awards given to members of the Gloucester High School Class of 2013. More of the list will be published as space becomes available.

Sawyer Medals

It is customary to announce all Sawyer Medal winners since grade eight who are members of the graduation class. Sawyer Medals were first awarded in the eighth-grade to the following top students: Sophia Elizabeth Black, Katherine Rose Ciaramitaro, Melody Rae Eaton, Kimberly Shea Foster and Nathan Samuel Frontiero.

At the end of the ninth-grade they were awarded to the following top students who had not already received a Sawyer Medal: Pauline Alisson Cruz, Madeleine Joy MacDougall, Danielle Lee Pomeroy, Winslow T. Powers and Kathryn Margaret Withers.

In the 10th, 11th and 12th grades they were awarded to the top boy and girl for each year who had not previously received a Sawyer Medal:

Grade 10 — Jacob Herman Holscher and Julia Adrienne Verga

Grade 11 — Nicholas Paul Miles and Hannah Marilyn Sweet

Grade 12 — Matthew Denley Carpenter and Jenna Rose Fulford

Departmental AWARDS

Elliot T. Parker English Book Award

Given to that senior, who over a period of four years, has achieved the highest cumulative average in college English and who has spent four years in Gloucester High School: Nathan Samuel Frontiero

Lee Kingman Fiction Award is given to a graduating senior of Gloucester High School who has demonstrated exceptional achievement in fiction and proficiency in the literary arts. This award honors Lee Kingman, a noted Cape Ann Writer.

$300 — Elizabeth Louise Stephens

The Bray Business Department Award given to that student who shows the most improvement in business education over a period of years: Nicholas Joseph Lucido

Lucky Lobster Marketing Business Award is given to the student(s) that has gone above and beyond to lead this student-run company to success through leadership, business skills, and big ideas. This student possesses the self-motivation and positive attitude, hard work and dedication needed to run a successful business.

$100 each — Katrina A. Munroe and Zachary Miles Smith

DECA Scholarship is given to the students who have put in the effort necessary to successfully compete in the district DECA competition. These students have worked as a team to help motivate others, have participated heavily in fundraising activities, and have exhibited enthusiasm and positive attitudes throughout the year while maintaining A averages in this class.

$100 each — Nathan Samuel Frontiero and Danielle Lee Pomeroy

Business Management/Junior Achievement Scholarship

This student(s) has proven to be an effective leader and executive of his/her Junior Achievement student-run company. The recipient has demonstrated great leadership qualities by successfully monitoring all company activities and running the business from capitalization to liquidation.

$100 each — Lilly Anna Anderson, Jonathan David Laurie and Jason Alexander Vizena