, Gloucester, MA

November 12, 2012

Friends & Neighbors

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — 20121108_GT_FN_RYAN — Halloween started a night early for the 9-month-old Bobby Ryan of Gloucester. The “Lobster in a Pot” celebrated his first Halloween at Northshore Mall’s Kidgits Boo Bash on Tuesday, Oct. 30. Photo courtesy of Lauren Dalis

121105_GT_OUT_ITALIAN_1 — Holy Family Parish hosted an Italian Night on Saturday, Oct. 29. Barry Mooney performed. The hall was decorated with aprons worn by Guild family members, grandmothers and mothers from years past that were used variously by shy children to hide behind, to wipe a perspiring brow, for gathering vegetables from the garden, as a pot holder or as a tissue to wipe away tears of a crying child.

121105_GT_OUT_ITALIAN_2 — Alison Aiello, left, was serving guests.

121105_GT_OUT_ITALIAN_3 — John Aiello, center, was serving guests.

121105_GT_OUT_ITALIAN_4 — Pictured, from left, is Marie Swinson, Marie Linquata and Kathy Kyrouz.