, Gloucester, MA

August 19, 2013

Rockport Splendor

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — Crowds of watchers huddled close

Sitting on rocks, leaning on posts

Oohs and Aahs rang across the sea

Near the water was the place to be

Diners enjoyed the view from My Place

The brilliant lights shone on each face

The display encouraged by cries and cheers

Gently aided by champagne and beers

Rockporters and visitors alike were wowed

Even the stars above graciously bowed

The Headlands allowed a perfect view

As did our Front and Back beaches too

The ideal night was filled with sight and sound

Enthusiastic appreciation was heard all around

A stellar night and a participating audience

We are most grateful for such magnificence

“Next year!” was heard throughout Dock Square

Oh yes, you bet, indeed, we’ll all be there !

M.P. Butterfield