, Gloucester, MA

August 23, 2013

What Came First, the Bedbug or the Bed?

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — Yes! Bedbugs

Why, How come?

Tiny vampire insects

Sleeping in your bed

All day long,

then sucking your blood all night long.

Part of Gods plan

What would a good Buddhist do?

The nightmare

From my childhood days

is back.

What came first, the bedbug or the bed?

As a child of poverty

In the fifties,

My family fought bedbug wars

DDT won out, we won the bedbug war.

Part of Gods plan

Here in 2010

The bedbugs are back

This time not in the homes of the poor,

this time the bedbugs

are in the hotels of

the world’s richest people.

Part of God’s plan

The rich in New York’s finest hotels

Suffer from the vampire bites

Of gods insects


for beds.

I still ask; what came first

the bedbug

or the bed?

(From “Melodic Poems from the Soul”)

Janice Josephine Carney