, Gloucester, MA

June 27, 2007

Plus Edition Information

Plus Edition Information

As a subscriber to The Eagle-Tribune, you can also receive free access to our online Plus Edition.

The Plus Edition offers several exclusive features, including:

  • Full text of the entire newspaper, including community news and obituaries.
  • Keyword Search of the entire day's paper.
  • My Town, a feature that searches the entire publication for news, sports, editorials, letters, calendar events and much more about your town.

How It Works:

If you are a subscriber to The Eagle-Tribune, you automatically qualify for a Plus Edition login and password. Just go to the login screen and follow the instructions to get your password.

If you are not an Eagle-Tribune subscriber, you need to become one in order to get a login name and password for the Plus Edition. Once you become a subscriber, you automatically also get a login name and password for the Plus Edition.

We will also continue to offer our standard edition to everyone for free.

It's that simple.

What if I only want the online Plus Edition?

You still need to be (or become) a subscriber to qualify for the Plus Edition.

For subscribers who live outside of our local delivery area, and who do not wish to sign-up for our mail subscription, we will donate your print edition to a local school or nursing home.

What if I don't want to sign up for the Plus Edition or subscribe?

We will continue to publish the standard edition, with our new design, free for anyone to access online. We're simply adding new features for our subscribers who wish to sign up for the Plus Edition.

Click here to sign up for your Plus Edition Account