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March 17, 2009

Posting comments on

Posting comments on


Commenters are required to use their real names in posting, and must do so with a valid and verified email address. reserves the right to remove any post or remove the IP address of any commenter (person) whose posts are tantamount to personal attacks or otherwise do not meet site standards.



    We reserve the right to remove comments that:

  • make false statements about a person, business or institution

  • reference the personal health, sexual activity, religious beliefs or other private matters involving a story subject or commenter, or someone related to a story subject or commenter

  • are racist in nature

  • threaten a story commenter, suggest violence or consist primarily of name-calling

  • accuse someone of criminal activity

  • make crude statements about a child or children

  • include swearing or obscenity. This includes obscene screen names and the use of symbols — $%&@#* — to get around language filters



    We will allow:

  • opinions some people will find offensive

  • conversation that is simply strident in tone

  • criticism of public officials

  • criticism of people who are subjects of stories


Readers can also “flag” any comment they think is inappropriate, and it will be reviewed by an editor.

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