, Gloucester, MA

May 2, 2013

Cape Ann totals mirror state results

By James Niedzinski
Staff Writer

---- — Across Cape Ann, Democratic Congressman Ed Markey and Republican newcomer and former Navy SEAL Gabriel Gomez won nearly every ward and precinct in yesterday’s U.S. Senate primary.

But in what could be a harbinger for the June special election to fill the seat vacated when John Kerry became the U.S. secretary of state in February, Markey, 66, garnered more votes than Gomez, 47, a Cohasset businessman.

Voters followed state-wide patterns for the most part, with Markey beating out Congressman Stephen Lynch on the Democratic ticket and Gomez getting the Republic nod over former U.S. attorney and Plymouth district attorney Michael Sullivan and state Rep. Daniel Winslow.

All together in Gloucester, Markey pulled in 1,592 votes, more than 60 percent of the total Democratic votes, while Gomez earned 486 votes, nearly 62 percent of the Republican votes.

Voters in only two city wards did not follow the majority.

In Gloucester’s Ward 2, Precinct 1, the Democratic vote Markey and Lynch pulled in 64 votes apiece, while Gomez pulled in 34.

There are 1,789 registered voters in the Precinct 1.

In Ward 3, Precinct 1, Lynch managed to pull ahead, getting 85 votes compared to Markey’s 78, while Gomez and former U.S. Attorney Michael Sullivan both earned 18 votes.

Precinct 2 has 2,254 registered voters.

The city had 3,337 voters — or about 16 percent — of the total registered voters, 20,849, cast ballots Tuesday.

In Essex, 528 of about 2,500 registered voters showed up to cast their ballot for the primary, about 20 percent of the voters. While Essex voted Republican in the Senate election in November 2012, Markey pulled in the most votes, 191, while Gomez pulled in 158 votes and Lynch 119 votes.

Manchester saw similar numbers, as about 20 percent — or 806 voters — cast ballots Tuesday; the town has 3,908 registered voters.

Markey swept Manchester as well, earning 359 votes compared to Gomez’s 205 and Lynch’s 118. One blank ballot and one write-in Republican candidate were submitted by Manchester voters.

Rockport voters followed statewide trends as well; Markey received 678 votes, Lynch came in with 324 votes; and Gomez brought in 200.

A higher percentage of voters showed up to cast ballots in Rockport than anywhere else in Cape Ann. Nearly 25 percent —1,352 — of the town’s 5,511 voters cast their ballots on Tuesday.

Markey and Gomez will square off in the U.S. Senate special election on June 25.

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