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June 28, 2009

In third round, Jason Favaloro wins Friday greasy pole

In third round, Jason Favaloro wins Friday greasy pole

Video by Kate Glass

GLOUCESTER — Jason Favaloro was just feeling it yesterday.

The Friday greasy pole walker had the best walk of the courtesy round, making it more than 3/4 of the way across the pole, and nearly grabbed the flag in the second round before he eventually won in the third round, crowning himself the 2009 Friday greasy pole champion.

Favaloro, 22, made it to the end thanks to a flawless walk where he never lost his balance during the 40 foot march to victory.

"I was feeling it on all three walks," Favaloro said. "I don't know what it was, it was just my day I guess."

Yesterday's greasy pole did not come without it's fair share of close calls. Leo Cannavo, Derek DeCoste and Joe Brancaleone nearly grabbed the flag in the second round, with DeCoste coming a mere step away. After Favaloro nearly walked the length of the pole in the second round, he watched Tim Callahan, Steve Russo and Joe Pacheco come close before ending it later in the third round.

It was nothing but pure elation for Favaloro following his win and first greasy pole flag.

"It's an unbelievable feeling," said Favaloro, who is an assistant coach for the Gloucester High School boys' soccer team. "It's everything I ever thought it would be and more."

Favaloro was carried off of Pavilion Beach and down Beach Court by his fellow walkers and was greeted by fellow walker Stew McGillivray.

"I'm catching up to you," Favaloro joked with McGillivray, who currently has three championships.

Favaloro now has the choice to walk on Sunday, or walk first in today's greasy pole (4:45 p.m., Pavilion Beach). While both scenarios have their benefits as walking first on Saturday gives you the first chance to take the flag down, and walking on Sunday pits you against some of the best walkers in the history of the sport, Favaloro's decision was an easy one.

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