, Gloucester, MA

September 14, 2012

Fish Landings

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — Cape Ann Seafood Exchange

The Cape Ann Seafood Exchange handled 42,200 pounds of fish Wednesday and 18,300 pounds Thursday.

Top species landed Thursday and average prices were:

Medium and small pollock: 12,500 pounds (87 cents)

Large pollock: 2,100 pounds ($1.27)

Large hake: 800 pounds ($2.20)

Market cod: 700 pounds ($3.19)

Scaler cod: 300 pounds ($2.49)

Other landings

The Buyers And Sellers Exchange (BASE), an electronic auctioning company that sells landings at owner Whaling City Seafood Display Auction in New Bedford, Boston’s Whaling City Auction, and Gloucester’s Whaling City Auction, handled 33,300 pounds of fish and 17,800 pounds of scallops Wednesday.

The Portland, Maine, Display Auction handled 22,100 pounds of fish Wednesday.

No landings were reported Thursday at the New England Fish Exchange in Boston.

National Marine Fisheries Service