, Gloucester, MA

August 13, 2013

Letter: Bocce courts bypassed other priorities

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

We have new bocce courts in our neighborhood.

It seemed to go up overnight. No one asked the citizens directly affected how we felt.

Trust me, I do think it’s cool to have another fun activity on the Boulevard, but these new bocce courts also showcase all that is falling apart here.

I was happy to see Mayor Kirk at the opening ceremony; she is smart, progressive, dedicated, and fun — all things that I think make her such a great leader. However, she can’t do everything alone. My suggestion would be for her to have a sidekick to accompany her on these jaunts — someone who could follow the mayor around, take notes of her surroundings and then meet with her and her staff to set some improvements in motion.

Since it is my idea, I would pick the area surrounding the new bocce court for this determined new person’s first project. If her representative did this, she would note the following:

The tennis courts next to the bocce court are falling apart and grass is growing out of the cracks, nets are torn and a once beautiful, popular recreational facility is now pretty much defunct.

The flowers are well tended (by volunteers like Susan Kelly and her group from Generous Gardeners); however, there is dead grass everywhere. The seawall behind the bocce court is falling apart.

My biggest concern is the beach there. The granite steps at the bottom of the walkway to the beach were broken off during a storm and have not been repaired. The last step is a three foot drop!. Once a popular spot, it is now impossible to descend the steps without risking life and limb.

Since this is not a beach with a lifeguard, dogs and people, kayakers and paddle boarders, swimmers, sunbathers, and seaglass collectors all have the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful spot.

I do believe that there are more people who swim and play tennis in our community than play bocce, not that there is anything wrong with bocce.

But my hope in writing this is that the folks in City Hall will read it and take action — and to let Pallazola’s know that they should start ordering lots of bocce balls.


Kent Circle, Gloucester