, Gloucester, MA

October 29, 2012

Letters: Tisei would deliver fresh leadership

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the Editor,

As the daughter of the FBI agent who developed mobster Joe Valachi’s testimony for the Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations there was no confusion in our house over what it meant to take a quarter of a million dollars from an operation supported by the Gambino crime family.

Every dollar was a vote for murder, kidnapping, extortion, gambling, loan sharking and white slavery rings. This, after all, is the same crew that brought us Carlo Gambino, Paul Castellano, Sammy “The Bull” Gravano and John Gotti — but then our congressman probably knows that.

Once we learned of his family’s odd financial arrangement with his wife’s brothers and his wife made a hasty plea deal in federal court, his fate with longtime supporters like me was sealed. Beyond his clueless decision and his subsequently stupefying rationalizations I guess lying about this opponent’s character and qualifications was apparently a piece of cake. And despite Mr. Tierney’s preposterous representation that he has somehow been exonerated by the court, the potential for additional disclosures in a complex racketeering case like this seem likely, not to mention a visit from the House Ethics Committee.

Mr. Tierney has deferred the lion’s share of heavy lifting on fisheries issues to Mr. Frank for many years, and Frank is now leaving Congress. Add that vacuum of experience and leadership to Mr. Tierney’s deeply troubling ethics and legal issues and fishermen will be left holding the bag.

It’s time to establish clear and enduring leadership on fishing issues and with someone who can work with the Republican Congress. That person is Richard Tisei.


Main Street, Essex