, Gloucester, MA

June 29, 2013

Letter: Are Catholic schools really 'divisive'?

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

We laughed when Mitt Romney, soon after his arrival in the United Kingdom last year, criticized the Brits for the way they were handling the Olympics.

We might as well laugh at the president, who stumbled in Northern Ireland with his own foot-in-mouth gaffe, claiming that the Catholics and Protestants, with their separate schools, were not helping to bring about peace. “Catholic schools,” he said, “are divisive.”

The president might be justified in saying that if Catholic schools really did teach peace. Would he want them to help bring about peace here? What could be more divisive and subversive than teaching peace in our militarized country?

What would be the outcome if Catholic schools and all other Christian schools, throughout this country and the world, really taught what Jesus taught?

The late, world-renowned, Biblical scholar Father John L. McKenzie explained very clearly: “If you do not know that the teachings of Jesus are teachings of nonviolence, then you have missed his message.”

Jesus models the way to live for his followers. His way is compassion, mercy and love. He didn’t kill anyone, he didn’t advocate killing in war. Jesus commanded us to love one another, even our enemies.


North Andover