, Gloucester, MA

November 2, 2012

Letter: DPW responds to Boulevard, bridge issue

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

I never realized how important two words — “handicap accessible” — could be until they became a part of our lives.

Last year, my husband, John, was very ill and came home after many months in the hospital and rehabs disabled and in a wheelchair.

He is now able to get out and about in his wheelchair and loves to go to Stacy Boulevard with our daughter, Nina.

But there was a problem — to go over the Blynman Bridge was difficult because the bridge was not able to fit a wheelchair and he had to go “backwards” over it. This truly was not safe.

My daughter, Nina, contacted Mike Hale at the Gloucester Department of Public Works to ask for some kind of a solution so they could continue on to the other side of the Boulevard.

I am happy to say that our city workers came to our rescue and have put a ramp on the bridge sidewalk, so that our Blynman Bridge has become “handicap accessible.”

And, so, I say thank you so much, DPW. Job well done!


Orchard Road, Gloucester