, Gloucester, MA

June 11, 2013

Letter: Looking out for our own in summer's heat

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

When I struggle to walk to the door in the searing heat, I say to whomever it is, “Welcome to the Fryolator.” And I mean it.

In the absence of air conditioning, a box fan is at work. It compensates slightly for the fresher air from outdoors which is weighted with heat and humidity now.

We’ll be in for intense heat for some days in the weeks ahead.

Garments that serve to cover us grow damp. We strip down which is not easy for some of us who have passed a certain age. Flabby, unsightly arms that are usually out of sight, cloaked in fabric, come into view. Exploded varicose veins in our legs which look menacing are revealed when we wear shorts.

I am classified as an “oldster” because my next birthday will be my 90th. If it weren’t for the presence of my

son, would my neighbors check on me to make sure I am all right?

What about all the students and their teachers in schools that are bereft of air conditioners? They are suffering, I’m sure. The answer has to lie in outfitting schools with air conditioners. Paying for this is up to the community with its concern for the fates of their children.

Assign lists of the elderly to ministers of various churches who will distribute the lists and calls to the people named to be assured that this is service they would welcome.

Boy Scouts are the designated watchers over the elderly as they cross streets. Store owners would be asked to guage their customers’ reactions to the intense heat and report the questionable responses.

A community united and ready to perform for the good of all is the goal, and Gloucester, it seems, is ready to do that. Kudos for our city!


Chapel Street, Gloucester