, Gloucester, MA

October 4, 2013

Letter: Time for GOP 'grownups' to take back their party

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

Allow me to introduce Times readers to the 20 — that’s right, 20 — far right, conspiracy theory loving, Obama hating, Tea Party political extremist and extortionists who have taken the nation hostage by shutting down the government, and are threatening to destroy the “good faith and credit” of the United States by forcing the country to default on its longstanding financial obligations come Oct. 17.

They are; David Schweikert and Matt Salmon of Arizona; Louis Goehmert, John Culberson, and Steve Stockman of Texas; Tom Graves and Phil Gingrey of Georgia; Ted Yoho (or is it “Yahoo”?) and Ron DeSantis of Florida; Raul Labrador of Idaho; Mark Mulvaney and Jeff Duncan of S. Carolina; Thomas Massie of Kentucky; Jim Jordan of Ohio; Tim Huelskamp pf Kansas; Justin Amash of Michigan; Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma; John Fleming of Louisiana; Steve King of Iowa; and — last, but certainly not least — “Mad” Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota.

Bachmann is perhaps the best known of this band of 20 extortionists. She’s made quite a name for herself demonizing the government, the poor, gays, immigrants, Muslims, and anyone and anything else the right-wing yahoos who swoon over her love to hate.

I know I loved watching her smugly vote to cut food assistance for the poor from the Farm Bill, while voting to maintain the huge agricultural subsidies that have put hundreds of thousands of tax payers’ dollars into her and her husband’s bank accounts through the years. “Mad” Michele Bachmann gives a whole new meaning to the word hypocrite.

Steve King from Iowa comes in a close second in the fame, or is it infamy, department. He has brought overwhelmingly white, extremist Tea Party crowds to their feet with some of the ugliest xenophobic and racist language in regards to immigrants and immigration reform. He, in fact, has likened undocumented immigrants to stray dogs who ought to be treated as such.

These people are not patriots. They have no respect for the principles this country was founded upon or the Constitution, despite all their self-righteous and bogus claims to the contrary.

It behooves the grownups in the Republican party — whether people like Bruce Tarr, Brad Hill, Charlie Baker, and Richard Tisei here at the local and state levels, or John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Haley Barbour, and the Bushes at the national level — to take their party back from these extremists, not just for the good of the once great party of Lincoln, but for the good of the nation and the American people.

Let’s be blunt, there isn’t any time to waste.