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October 8, 2013

Letter: Mayor's agenda overrides council's say

To the editor:

In jurisprudence, it doesn’t matter if your side gets four votes if the other side gets five; the other side’s opinion becomes the law of the land.

In baseball, it doesn’t matter that your side collects 19 runs (a commendable feat) if the other side gets 20. You lose.

Even in the Senate, if the Democrats have 51 seats to the Republican 49, the Dems get to be Chairpersons of all committees and, thus, better offices and more underlings. Democracy seems to have been organized around the principle of majority rule or, as we say, “Like it or lump it.”

Here in Gloucester, we seem to have abandoned that tough but fair notion of politically correct decision making.

The mayor has chosen, instead, to re-write the rules to suit, one assumes, her own political agenda by vetoing a 5-4 decision by the City Council to remove the waterfront from the Designated Port Area.

I wonder if, in changing the rules, the mayor would be good enough to inform us as to what now qualifies as a binding vote from the City Council; 6-3 perhaps? Or does she prefer 9-0? Or would 5-4 be OK if the 5s were on her side?

In any case, she may want to forward her new idea of fairness to the wider political system and, perhaps, to the Commissioner of Baseball.

We can only hope her suggestion does not reach the commissioner’s desk until the Red Sox have completed their effort to win the World Series.



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