, Gloucester, MA

October 23, 2013

Letter: 'Trivial event' didn't merit Page 1 story

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

In reference to the Oct. 6 front page story about Mac Bell, the 11/2-mile road on Dollivers Neck is narrow: there are only four or five places where one can pull aside to allow a driver to pass —a rather common occurrence— and that’s apparently what occurred with Mac and his neighbor that day.

The Times story indicates that Mac did not say or do anything to interact with the other driver; in essence not a newsworthy item, but a trivial event.

Why would the Times publish a non-story?

Was it simply an opportunity to dig up and reprint old issues concerning Mac that have long been resolved?

Mac is the best neighbor a person could have. In our many years of friendship I have found him to be consistently friendly, helpful, cooperative, conscientious, responsible, generous, tolerant, respectful of others, and an exceptional family man.

And of course, he would make a great mayor.