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November 1, 2013

Letter: Vote Bell for the Gloucester we envision

To the editor:

Mac Bell takes so much pride in the city of Gloucester.

He is always there to lend a helping hand — cleaning a public restroom that has been left to fend for itself, picking up trash on a walk from here to anywhere, jumping in to help bus tables at an understaffed restaurant, planting flowers in the empty planter in Stage Fort Park, greeting everyone he meets with a kind word for them, their children and their parents he knew before them.

Those may seem like small items when compared to his large business accomplishments, but to me, they represent his great sense of responsibility to Gloucester and everyone in it.

In the time that I have known Mac — a short time if you compare it to his lifetime of Gloucester friendships — I have learned an incredible amount from him about the love for community, the environment and family.

As I see it, Gloucester is languishing on the edge of prosperity. With Mac, we can begin to claim that prosperity.

In fact, Mac sees how the challenges of Gloucester can become an opportunity to breathe new life into the community. It would be unfortunate for Gloucester’s citizens not to recognize the urgency of the moment and to remain tied to the present administration, drowned in detachment and studies.

Under the current administration, education is subpar, the economic engine is at a stand-still, tax and water bills have risen exponentially, infrastructure grants have been forfeited, and the boulevard is crumbling.

A cash reserve is needed, but creating “free cash” for pet projects while under-funding all of the important taxpayer services is simply inexcusable. Is this the Gloucester you envision?

At a time when fishermen are losing their vessels, their homes and, worse still, their lives, we should not be complacent. We should stand up for Gloucester’s fundamental diversity. All of Gloucester deserves prosperity, not just a chosen few.

Gloucester needs a leader who will listen and lead the way into the future. Mac Bell will lead with both heart and experience. He has a plan for Gloucester. Read about it:


Great Hill Road, Gloucester

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