, Gloucester, MA

June 13, 2013

Letter: The real impact of GOP 'tort deform'

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

While Republicans love to invoke constitutional principles, the reality is a continual campaign by them to undermine our constitutional rights.

High on the hit list, it seems, are the powers of an independent jury of our peers, some of the last obstacles to total corporate dominance of every aspect of our government and society. Hence, the drive for so-called “tort reform” — legislation and court decisions severely limiting personal injury damages, class actions, and judicial recourse from unfair, mandated arbitration.

Reform means to refine and improve. Republican so-called tort reform is meant to weaken or abolish torts, to shield corporate abuses from the avenue for equity and justice that courts are meant to provide.

Let’s begin to reverse the erosion of our constitutional legal rights by calling the Republicans on what they’ve really been up to — “tort deform.”


Rockport Road, Gloucester