, Gloucester, MA

November 4, 2012

Letter: Med marijuana answer should be 'yes'

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

Voting “yes” on Question 3 would legalize medical marijuana.

The opponents complain about “loopholes” and the potential for corruption. But if these are really concerns, we should get rid of the all the drug laws.

Illicit drugs are widely available, our prisons are overflowing with drug prisoners, the cops seize any property even remotely connected to a drug crime such as The Motel Caswell up in Tewksbury, and drug gangs are taking over Latin American countries. Just like with Prohibition in the 1920s on alcohol, these “loopholes” and corruption would all but disappear if we legalized drugs.

If we abolished the drug laws, there’s every reason to think people would be responsible about using them. Back when this country had minimal drug prohibitions we did not have scads of people high on drugs. Today we don’t have alcoholics falling down drunk all over the place.

For adults, the drug laws are a violation of our right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Freedom necessarily includes the right to make mistakes and do irrational things, including the right to fry your brain on drugs. It’s wrong to impose tyranny on responsible people because irresponsible people will make bad choices.

I urge people to vote “yes” on 3 because the drug laws are wrong and destroying our freedom.


Webster Street, Gloucester