, Gloucester, MA

March 6, 2013

Letter: Missing: Respect for opposing views

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

Where is the respect for anything from Washington liberals? For example, the respect due the military when their funds are being cut and their votes are not even counted?

And where is the respect for those who depend on Medicare? From Obama? No, but he blames Bush and The Republicans.

From the current administration we get lies and scare tactics — next comes outlawing freedom of speech.

As liberals and conservatives are being pitted against each other, from someone who says he wants everyone to work together. He speaks with “forked tongue.”

The mainstream media needs to get their facts straight and stop falsely accusing the Tea Party every time a tragedy strikes. We have a spending problem, which isn’t fixed by scare tactics or lying or even by demonizing those you don’t agree with, by claiming those people want dirty air, dirty water and hate grandma.

Not too long ago, I let someone know that I was a Republican, to which he responded, “How could you?”

Well, to him and other liberals, I ask, “How could you ... ?”