, Gloucester, MA

January 28, 2013

Letter: Lots of Gloucester positives

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

Welcome to Cape Ann from an animated icicle.

If I smile at you too broadly, I fear my facial skin would crackle. If I shake hands, I will convey hypothermia so I’ll sit in my chair wrapped in layers, longing for a little melting but that’s not to come for some days.

What to do? Well, how about something positive to the fore?

Mayor Carolyn Kirk is running for re-election. She deserves it. Her column in this paper each Saturday reveals a savvy, analytical leader, to say nothing of the news reports that reflect her steadying hand on the city’s tiller. Just the sound of her voice announcing a snow emergency is not stressed but reassuring, promising the best of outcomes if we cooperate.

And the Department of Public Works?

Throughout the night, its members sprinkle salt and sand on the roads, always there even in an emergency.

Broken water main? Repairs take place immediately. Always present, always effective.

That can be said of the Gloucester Police Department, too, as well as this paper. The Gloucester Daily Times is a place for community interchange. A weekly presentation by the editor of why the news was handled the way it was and asking for peoples’ input assures that.

We can rest assured the variety of newsworthy events will be covered.

I detect a bit of melting. Can it be the result of an appreciative attitude? Perhaps Mother Nature will grow more benign very soon.


Chapel Steet, Gloucester