, Gloucester, MA

February 4, 2013

Letter: Missing a neighbor and a friend

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

Herbie Joseph is his name, and he left us on the 22nd day of January.

My husband, John, and I are so very sad. Mr. Joseph was much more than a neighbor — he was a very dear and treasured friend to our family.

I flashback to the first time John and I met Mr. Joseph, some 46 years ago. He was our “real estate man” and brought us to Orchard Road, where we were lucky enough to find our home. It was such a safe and beautiful neighborhood that Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and family soon became our neighbors — two doors down!

And so our long and lasting friendship began and still remains. Our children grew up together and we became more like family. He would always be out in his yard cutting grass, pulling up roots of trees, trimming bushes, fixing this and fixing that. I would see him drive by our house everyday going off to work; and, I believe he was working up until the time he became ill. If we needed help of any kind — especially during storms — we could count on Mr. Joseph to be at our door.

The years went by and John and I always felt safe knowing our good neighbors, Helen, Joe and Scott were just next door. When my husband was very ill last year, and in the hospital for a long time, I felt comforted always with that phone call or visit from Helen or Joe. They both took me through a very difficult time; and, I will forever be grateful.

Our hearts are sad with the loss of such a wonderful and kind friend.

Thank you for being such a good neighbor, Mr. Joseph — you will be remembered with smiles because you touched our lives in a very special way.


Orchard Road, Gloucester