, Gloucester, MA

February 13, 2013

Letter: Getting America back on track

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

Business does not have an incentive to expand jobs with the Obama administration’s uncertain economic policies.

The growth in our gross national product last quarter was the lowest in five years.

This is not a good trend and the country is slowing down because of taxing, spending and rising unemployment.

These are the result of the policies of the president. Obama believes in a socialistic society rather than free enterprise. He has added $5 trillion to the national debt, which is now pushing $17 trillion.

Many elected Democrats wish to put freedom-loving independent people in such a position as to deny their rights under the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Our freedom is being threatened in America. At risk is the right to bear arms, the right of freedom of speech and the right of religious institutions to set their own policies rather than this huge leftist government imposing its harsh mandates curbing freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

Obamacare has hundreds of rules that take effect in 2013-2014 and will impose grave consequences on the American people. This plan is not the answer. It is about less freedom, no compromise and more universal control over the American people. It is dangerous to people, especially those on Medicare.

We need new, inspired leadership by the president, committing his belief in America and freedom for all so we can get America back on track.