, Gloucester, MA

March 28, 2013

Letter: Wanted: Accountability for Plum Island

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

The bottom line for Plum Island: Government unelected bureaucrats (Department of Environmental Protection) acted too slowly.

Chalk another failure up to bureaucrats, who were not elected by we the people. This is what happens when eco-nuts are placed in bureaucratic offices. They have more control than your elected officials, because they cannot be voted out.

We should all be conservationists. We don’t need government control freaks to stop progress, and the best interests of the people. Conservation is good. Radical eco-nuts are not good for the people’s best interests.

Ask your local reps to send out letters, requesting resignation of those who delayed the dune replenishment on Plum Island.

At this point, representatives are hiding behind the DEP. The elected senators and reps should not be running cover for the bureaucracy.

I read representatives’ statements, as if the bureaucracy is in charge and not them. Make someone accountable in government.