, Gloucester, MA

October 16, 2012

Letter: Dems' claims about Tisei ring hollow

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

The state’s democratic leadership pursued a very revealing strategy last week by crashing Richard Tisei’s fund-raiser with U.S. House Speaker Bohner in Boston.

Spearheaded by Democratic Party Chairman John Walsh, the battle line was drawn with his pronouncements made to the media on the steps of One Federal street where the event was held.

“Clearly, Speaker Boehner is not happy with the representation the voters of the 6th District (are) getting, because John Tierney is voting against the tea party-Boehner agenda” ... “What is true is that he’s found someone in Richard Tisei who’s going to support him, because, why else would he be here?”

I find it not only peculiar but also disturbing when suddenly the leader of a dominant party that fashions itself as an entity that comprehensively represents the interest of voters and residents in the state assumes a stark activist role to make a point. And in the end that point did not resonate well at all.

Richard Tisei, despite the best attempts by incumbent John Tierney and the Democratic machine to paint him otherwise; is a moderate. And if the perennial advice given by our doctors, grandmothers and great aunts has any truth to it, than similarly in Massachusetts politics everything is truly good when it is partaken in moderation.

In stark contrast to the Democratic Party leadership’s long held belief that power owed is power kept, Richard Tisei is a courageous politician. He has consistently aligned himself with causes and issues that are widely regarded as bi-partisan such as creating taxation and regulatory environments that are more conducive than current conditions to create jobs.

Richard is unabashedly a poor surrogate for core conservative principles promoted by many Republicans. He is pro-choice, supportive of gay marriage and is on a short list of prominent Republicans who refused to sign the no-tax Norquist pledge. Richard Tisei presents for some democrats who’s primary interest is to serve their ranks instead of their constituents a huge problem. He is utterly capable of crossing the aisles, compromising and actually getting things done in Washington.

Reports confirmed that Congressman Tierney did not join Walsh at this public spectacle. He must have been well advised to distance himself from an event that underscores the reason for losing an election.