, Gloucester, MA

October 17, 2012

Letter: Tisei backers fueled debate 'travesty'

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor,

I am writing regarding your editorial headlined “Tierney, Tisei claims to blame for debate travesty” (the Times, Monday, Oct. 15).

I was present at the debate — which was in fact a travesty, due to the outrageous conduct of a part of the audience.

From where I sat, right in the middle of the crowd, it was absolutely clear that the “wide range of cheers, jeers, shouts and insults toward the stage” that you describe and which made the debate a travesty clearly did not come from supporters on both sides as your editorial suggests.

While the Tierney and Fishman supporters cheered for their candidates a number of times, there was no shouting or jeering whatsoever to interrupt Mr. Tisei as he spoke.

All of the disruptive, rude and even intimidating behavior came from Tisei supporters, easily identified by the T shirts nearly all of them wore.


Western Avenue, Gloucester