, Gloucester, MA

March 20, 2013

Letter: Documenting democracy in Rockport

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

I’ve received some responses to my letter (”Rockport straying from town residents’ goals,” the Times, Friday, March 15).

Some thought it was too long, others couldn’t understand it, and an online responder thought I was part of the “Granite Street obstructionist crowd” that is looking for a park so my own property values would be increased. That last assumption is so absurd so as to defy belief, but it’s a typical reaction of the misinformed.

Again, I have asked that my submissions be retained by the Planning Board as part of its official records. As such, they are available for public review at Town Hall Annex during normal Planning Board hours.

As part of my submissions, I have taken the trouble to transcribe part of the April 3, 2012, selectmen’s meeting that I once referenced as “the most woeful example of leadership and representative government that I ever hope to see” (Letter, the Times, April 30, 2012). The transcript is part of my submission for the March 11 Planning Board meeting; I included that because I think the town lost some democracy as well as potential ownership of a valuable property.

Readers are free to make of it what they will. I’ll be adding my comments to it at a future Planning Board meeting.


Granite Street, Rockport