, Gloucester, MA

December 29, 2012

Letter: Mass murder's numbing insensitivity

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

We’ve got murder in our schools, murder in our fast food restaurants, murder in the street, murder on the job, murder in the religious cult, murder on the battlefield.

We have murder at the rally, murder in the family home, murder on the jogging trail, murder on the way home. There’s murder in the ghetto, murder in the suburbs, murder at the courthouse, murder in the big house, murder at the mall.

There are murderous gangs, murderous drug cartels, murderous boyfriends, murderous mobsters, murderous abductors, murderous fascists, murderous terrorists, murderous teens, murderous vagrants, murderous adulterers, murderous racists and murderous predators.

There is tragedy in the morning, tragedy at noon, tragedy under cover of darkness tragedy on Christmas Day. There’s tragedy in all four seasons, tragedy for the single mom, tragedy for the do-gooder tragedy, for the border patrol, tragedy for officers of the law. Then, there’s tragedy for newlyweds, tragedy for the aged shut-in, tragedy for the vacationers, tragedy for the homecoming soldier, tragedy for the college student, tragedy for the shooter-suicide desperado.

There are tears in a mother’s eyes, tears in a father’s eyes, tears in the grandparent’s eyes tears, in the policeman’s eyes. There are tears in the soldier’s eyes, tears in the surgeon’s eyes, tears in the executioner’s eyes, tears in the detective’s eyes, tears in the athlete’s eyes tears in the reporter’s eyes tears in the captain’s eyes tears in the dispatcher’s eyes.

The death and lawlessness and calamity of bloodied victims of murderous killers in a beautiful land saturated with innocent blood — reported by newsprint in television studios or via electronic avenues — is a solemn destruction of sacred humanity. Yet corporate insanity numbs the mind to consider if life is no more than a cacophony of sorrow and leaden-eyed despair.