, Gloucester, MA

February 21, 2013

Letter: Rockport truly takes care of its own

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

It is difficult to know where to begin this letter. There are not enough words to thank everyone I want to thank.

Because of the blizzard, we were forced from our home on Saturday, Feb. 9. Yet two strong firemen were able to help this old woman through snow banks up to our hips — no easy task, I assure you. We were taken to the high school where a shelter had been set up.

My husband and I had never been in this situation before, and didn’t know what to expect.

First of all, it was a warm welcome! As important, or perhaps more, was the kindness, efficiency, and downright good humor that greeted us. It is said that disaster brings out the best and the worst in people. Rockport shone! Everyone was polite, friendly and considerate during an uncomfortable period of time. The stars, however, were the firefighters, police and EMT personnel who ran the facility.

They kept a log of people arriving, and also — so important to us — kept track of how the power outage was going. There were hot beverages and treats throughout the day and night that followed, there were cots and blankets, newspapers —and on and on. I am speechless!

I wish I could name everyone individually. Unfortunately, I can’t. But I would not be able to finish this letter without thanking, by name, Ingrid Keating, who fed us all. There were terrific things to eat (a cake that was delicious by any standard) and she produced a turkey dinner somehow, that would have been perfect on Thanksgiving!

So, thank you, Rockport, for taking care of your own.

Our fire, police and emergency personnel are wonderful. And Ingrid, your mother is proud of you!


Colona Road, Rockport