, Gloucester, MA

August 15, 2013

Letter: Cyclists need to follow road rules, too

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

I do pray that Mr. Carlson (Letters, the Times, Wednesday, Aug. 14) is not one of those cyclists that I risk life and limb to pass as I drive along, in no particular hurry on Route 127, between Rockport, Lanesville and beyond.

The road is one lane in each direction separated by a no-passing double yellow line; and cluttered with many blind curves. The cyclists that I’m speaking of do not appear to think about safety, either their own or that of the motorist behind them, as they nonchalantly cycle around a curve on the left of the lane toward that double yellow line.

They apparently don’t realize that the vehicle behind them cannot see what is coming toward the driver around that curve, and therefore, cannot pass a cyclist pedaling along at 10-15 miles per hour — less than the speed limit, which on many of the curves, is 20 mph.

Yes, there are motorists, such as myself, that give a light toot of their horn, not to startle the cyclist, but to let the cyclist know there is a vehicle behind them. It seems not all cyclists wear those small mirrors on their helmets, and on occasion cannot hear an oncoming vehicle behind them.

One of the rules of the road is to keep to the right, which applies to all users of the road; yet, many cyclists ignore that common-sense safety rule, making it extremely difficult for a motorist, or motorcyclist to pass them, especially on a curve that the opposing direction cannot be seen of oncoming traffic.

I pray Mr. Carlson doesn’t cycle around Cape Ann on Route 127, creating an unsafe environment, for both he and myself.


Langsford Street, Gloucester