, Gloucester, MA

November 22, 2012

Letter: Establishment was real election winner

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

While I normally agree with Milt Lauenstein’s general train of thought, his recent letter asserting that voters didn’t succumb to a perversion of democratic ideals (the Times, Tuesday, Nov. 20) seems asinine.

This election, as any other, was controlled by money and institutions that regularly engage in undemocratic behavior.

The Obama machine is a prime example. If one holds that false or misleading statements by super PACs is a force that destroys the ability to make free and correct decisions in a democracy, you must accept that the Obama marketing and PSYOPS campaign is not much better. As to accentuate this, the campaign even won an award for Marketer of the Year in 2008.

A candidate elected on rhetoric and sloganeering is not a product of that pillar of democracy: a well-informed electorate. The very fact that Obama was still on the ballot and that Romney was on it at all are prime examples of the masses demonstrating that any common definition of democracy is dead.

The crimes perpetrated by Obama in his first term should have led to fierce Democratic primaries against him. Liberals are either too scared or too intellectually captured to compromise their candidate or to recognize that he’s done anything wrong.

Romney had lost from the start. From the time of the Republican primary to the general election, it was clear that Romney was the only one with a chance of winning the first that still had no chance of

winning the second. That he was the best that the bipolar factions of the Republican Party could agree on is downright risible. Nobody loved him and some people hated him. He never had a chance.

Speaking of not having a chance, Americans once again abandoned, either willfully or out of ignorance, the prospect of rejecting the two-party system and electing a sane leader. The Republican-Democrat establishment bought itself more time to put on our national soap opera by shutting out third-party candidates. The idea that voting Democrat is voting for democracy is ridiculous considering their cartel-like mindset, along with the Republicans’ view of maintaining power at the expense of proper governance.

The lust for power has taken its casualties. The top marginal tax rate and sensible regulations like Glass-Steagall were among them.

Another was any sense that the Democrats still represent anything other than power-hungry, middle-class betraying, murderous, jingoist imperialists.

I just hope more people realize before it’s too late.